What is a Homestay in India & Why Stay at One (with our top 11 recommendations)


Our recent experience with homestays has been so nice that I decided to curate 10 Awesome homestays that according to popular bloggers are worth visiting this year. Offbeat experience and a view to die for, these Homestays will charm and delight you at the same time.

1. The humble Badal House, Khuri, Rajasthan

Ayandrali Dutta from https://www.wanderlustcraving.com/

It was just another December, couple of years back and all I knew I was traveling to Khuri where I could sleep under the open sky.Famous for its sand dunes, Khuri is a small village about 50 km south-west of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.


At Khuri, we were lucky to have this quaint homestay called the Badal house. There was this lovely mud hut where Badal Singh lived along with his family and hosted travelers. Right from the moment, we landed he made sure guests feel at home and in time I felt it was family.


Badal house sees few rooms constructed inside a small compound. The same compound sees a small kitchen, store room, and a bedroom. The mud huts in the compound serve the guests. The best part is the open area where one can soak in the morning sun and also serves as sit out and dining area.


Simplicity and humbleness is his second name. Badal ji is very clear that he wants to keep his business low-key and not be a part of the hospitality rat race.

Badal ji can be contacted at 081073 39097. Don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

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2. Nomad’s Hostel, Alleppey

Seema from https://pandareviewz.com/

This hostel cum homestay is a beautiful house which is converted as a hostel for 2 rooms and rest as a homestay. The best part of this place is it’s location, right at the Backwaters of Alleppey.

The view here is just so good and I kinda got addicted to watching the boats and houseboats cross all day. The picture speaks for itself. I stayed here for a week and had a great time.

Nice Place if you wish to relax and chill in a hammock with a view and a good book. If you’re heading to Alleppey or Kerala, do check this place out 🙂

For more details call 088482 86449 and don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com


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3. Tukchu Homestay, Leh

Anjali from https://travelmelodies.com

Tukchu Homestay is a quintessential reflection of home sweet home. Tukchu, a 100-year old traditional Ladakhi home converted into a homestay, is run by a warm-hearted couple, Mr. Tashi and Mrs. Skarma Gyaltsen. The best thing about the place is its positive vibes and sublime local ambiance.


Spacious outdoor patio with a lovely tiny garden, cozy reading area, airy and spotless rooms and beautiful dining hall with the classic floor seating arrangement (the heart of the house ) – You are sure to love every bit of your stay at Tukchu.

Tukchu Homestay is just below famous Shanti Stupa in Changspa. At Rs. 850 per adult and Rs. 500 per kid with extra bed per night (with breakfast), it is a budget travelers dream come true. The meals are priced at Rs. 150 per person per meal (lunch/dinner)

If you want to experience the real flavor of homestay while you are in Leh; Tukchu Homestay is a perfect place for you.

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4. Amargarh Fort, Rajasthan

Richa from https://lighttravelaction.com

Almost 80 km from Sawai Madhopur and 180 km from Jaipur is the 150 years old Amargarh Fort.

The fort was named Amargarh after Raja Amar Mal ji who was a minister in the royal court of Karauli, a state of Jadon Rajputs. The Original fort was 280 years old but was destroyed by fire. The ruins of the old fort can still be seen.


Furnished with traditional excellence blended with modern amenities, Amargarh Fort has now been converted into a Homestay. We were fortunate to have discovered this gem of a place.

The kids had fun running on the ramparts and chasing squirrels and parakeets.

Also worth visiting are the organic farms, Kaleesal dam, Jeep safari in the forest area and visiting the village nearby where you feel as if the time has come to a standstill.

The owner Mr. Abhishek Singh can be contacted at 7767815991. Don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

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5. Pranavam Homestay in Wayanad Kerala

Prasad NP from https://desitraveler.com/

Pranavam Homestay in Wayanad Kerala is a very special homestay run by retired couple Mrs. Rama & Mr. Ravindran.


Post retiring as a top executive from a tire company, Mr. Ravindran moved to his wife’s family plantation and decided to build a small homestay to keep busy.

I guess a 100+ acre plantation is just not big enough to keep an enterprising retired man like Mr. Ravindran and his wife Rama on toes.

When they started the Pranavam Homestay, tourism was in its nascent stage in Wayanad.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise and conscious efforts were made to make tourism as sustainable as possible in Wayanad, with minimum damage to the local ecology that supports the last few surviving patches of rainforest in India.


Mr. Ravindran also actively participated in founding Wayanad Tourism Organization, a very well-organized and structured liaison group of, homestay, hotels and resort owners in Wayanad district with the sole aim to promote sustainable tourism in Wayanad district.

Mr. Ravindran serves as General Secretary of the WTO and is one of the key driving forces to help develop sustainable tourism in Wayanad.

If you are looking for a family run place surrounded by a 100-acre pristine plantation where still some of the tribal families live and work then you should stay at Pranavam Homestay in Wayanad Kerala, the home cooked Kerala Sadya is a perk you will enjoy along with the peaceful stay.

6. Ecological Delight: Mayal Lyang in Dzongu, North Sikkim

Suman from Https://www.nomadicshoes.com

Run by Gyatso and his wife Samsay, Mayal Lyang is a place which is entirely a world different from ours. The homestay is situated in Dzongu valley which is a safe haven reserved for Lepcha community, along the Teesta River.


I spent two days with Gyatso`s family eating fresh vegetables off the garden, sipping `Chee` [Local beverage brewed from millets], bathing in the hot water spring, driving to the waterfall at Lingzya, introspecting by the Rongyung Chu River and strolling in the village.

If you are looking for a tranquil place to de-stress yourself then end your search at Mayal Lyang: A land blessed by God. The owner Mr. Gyatso Lepcha can be contacted at 9647872434. Don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

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7. Maati Homestays, Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Richa from https://lighttravelaction.com

Starting at Rs. 1350 per person per night, inclusive of food and shelter, the ‘Maati home-stays’ are not for the low budget travelers. They are undeniably for a particular niche in the market – the ever growing Indian urban middle class seeking experience beyond the concrete walls of resorts and hotels.

If you want to experience village life, these home-stays offer the perfect opportunity. All 3 meals inclusive in the package comprise of local cuisine.


Our host family was very affectionate and welcoming and it felt as if we were part of their family. Our home-stay experience was so heartwarming that my daughter cried her heart out when we had to leave the place.

Don’t’ mistake the Sarmoli Home-stays for luxurious home-stays. These are humble dwellings which help in connecting with the people while staying with them in the same living condition as theirs, eating the same food they eat every day and understanding their culture, their struggles, their beliefs and their love for nature.


If you want to experience village life, these home-stays offer the perfect opportunity. We stayed in Sarmoli Home-stay for little about 11 days. Ms Malika Virdi of Maati Sanghthan can be contacted at 9411194041. Don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

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8.Rann Visamo Village stay, Rann of Kutch

Chittra from https://www.masalabox.co.in

Come winter and people flock to Great Rann of Kutch to admire the salt plains of the White Rann. The Rann Utsav is a place of much glamour and pompous. For people like me who prefer a much quiet place to be at, a homestay that is about 20km away from the Rann desert seemed to be perfect. Rann Visamo is at Hodka village, surrounded by fog most of the time and farms when the fog clears a little.


The village stay has about 4 to 5 traditional bhungas and cottages. Bhungas are the traditional colorful round mud huts of Kutch which are like the identity of the Kutch region.

The Kutchi thick handicraft quilts and blankets kept me really warm in the windy huts. True to village stay experience one can expect home cooked food here. A fixed set menu but varying dishes between lunch and dinner, the taste of which I still remember. The soft phulkas with jaggery and ghee was my favorite in spite of the many options available to eat. When at Rann this is a place to stay.

The same Homestay was recommended by yet another blogger.

Kutir Craft Village Homestay,Hodko village, Gujarat

Mayuri From Https://www.fernwehrahee.com

Staying at the resort near to White runn is more expensive and one can opt to stay at nearby village. The village was chosen by UNDP under the rural development through tourism. Located on the main road leading to Greater Runn of Kutchh, Kutir Kraft Village resort is a peaceful place which offers a typical village style ambiance and architecture. Despite being named as a resort, you can have homestay experience.


The most amazing part of staying at Kutir Craft is their owner- Khalubhai whose hospitality is at par and can be contacted on these numbers for bookings – Khalubhai +91 94277 68528 [owner] and Gaganbhai +91 94287 49942 [Son of Owner]. Don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

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9. Silent Valley, Nainital

Richa from https://lighttravelaction.com

As the kids ran after Blackie (Host’s dog) who ran chasing the birds, my husband and I let out a breath of relief. This was going to be our First (of many) home-stays ever and we were anxious.


A soft breeze blew past us, ruffling our hair, we looked down the SilentValleyy. We could hear the birds chirping on trees, the giggle of our kids at a distance and greenery everywhere around. The air smelled heavenly of wet earth and pine! Somewhere, over the mountains, the clouds drifted gently and took away with it the tiredness of our long drive through traffic and pollution!


Located in a cozy corner of the Uttarakhand in Nainital region (Alchauna, Chanfi, close to Bhimtal) surrounded by the Himalayas is the Family-run, “Silent Valley Home-Stay”. The Silent Valley is spread over an area of 100 acres of land, with a 100-year-old Kumaoni House, organic farms by the river Kalsa.

This 100-year-old Kumaoni house will take your breath away with its awesome views and serene weather. You can contact the owner – Amit – 8800983456/9599994523 for bookings. Don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

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10. Homestay at Kareri Village, Himachal Pradesh

Mridula from https://traveltalesfromindia.in/

Kareri is a sleepy little village in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. I was incredibly lucky to do a homestay in Kareri Village.

After breakfast, if it was a sunny day I would sit out and read a book, if not I would do the same by the fire. Thus at a slow pace the life would go on. There were numerous birds that could vie for my attention along with the book. The mustard flowers were in bloom, painting the village pretty. If the weather was good I would go out for a walk in the evening but it was only on the last day that did the clear blue skies greeted me!


The nearest big town is Dharamshala. I took a taxi from Dharamshala to Kareri which cost me 1500 rupees. I had to walk a bit from the road head to the house. There is public transport up to a village called Gera.


If you wish to do a homestay at Kareri village with Kamlesh and Family you could call Kamlesh at +919736246820 or Ravi at +919805934718. They usually charge 1200 rupees per person per night which includes food as well. Don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

As I was new to the region and as I was thinking of trekking, I went with my long time trekking guide Sohan Singh Bisht (his number is +919410365281). However, if I go to the village again I am confident of going alone now. Don’t forget to mention you read about him at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

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11. Padmini Haveli, Chittorgarh

Richa from https://lighttravelaction.com

“Garh to Bas Chittorgarh, baaki Sab Garhiya” beamed our Homestay host and Guide, Parvati as she took us around the 7th century AD, Chittorgarh Fort. Translated the phrase means “If there is any Fort, it is Chittorgarh, rest are all fortresses!”


Padmini Haveli is one of its own kind home-stay in one of Asia’s largest living Fort, Chittorgarh in Rajasthan. A traditional Rajasthani merchant’s house, the Padmini Haveli is built on two stories around a central courtyard surrounded by an atrium that provides welcome shade at the hottest hours of the day.


Located in the center of the old village of Chittor within the walls of Chittorgarh Fort, it overlooks temples and palaces. From the roof terrace, fanned by the local breeze, there are sweeping views of the city and the Aravalli hills beyond the Mewar plain.

For Booking the Homestay contact Parvati – 9414734497. Don’t forget to mention you read about this place at https://www.lighttravelaction.com

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