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Women in bright orange and yellow saris, men in red turbans, camels pulling carts, a whiff of royalty with historic forts and palaces, traveling to Rajasthan is a sensory experience that you have to experience at least once in your lifetime (or so I would recommend).

Rajasthan just like Rajasthani royal thali gives you a taste of everything.

There are magnificent forts, mesmerizing palaces, beautiful clothes, and mouth-watering delicacies.

Rajasthan has everything that royal dreams are made up of. Rajasthan has it all – Palaces, forts, desert, camels, elephants, and perhaps even snake charmers. Here are 10 awesome tourist places that you shouldn’t miss to visit in Rajasthan, India.

I love visiting Rajasthan (given it’s my home after marriage). I am listing here some tried and tested travel tips that will make your trip to Rajasthan an amazingly beautiful experience.

Rajasthan symbolises warm hospitality, amazing architectural marvels, beautiful traditions, delicious food and colorful clothes. A unique travel experience in itself, Rajasthan attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. Some like to visit it for its architecture and history, some for its culture, fairs and festivals and many for the royal experience that you can have here. Here are all the tips that you need to plan your perfect Rajasthan trip. #lighttravelaction #rajasthan #rajasthantravel #rajasthantraveltips #rajasthanguide

Best time to visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan basically has three seasons- winter, summer, and monsoon. The best time to visit Rajasthan would be winter when nights are cold but days are warm with temperature ranging from 10 to 27 degree Celsius which is ideal for sightseeing and to explore different places.

Visiting Rajasthan in Winter

Rajasthan experiences mild winters from November to February when days are warm and nights are cold.

Carrying light woolens or jackets is highly recommended as there may be a drastic difference between temperature during day and night. It is also the time peak season when tourists from all over the world arrive in Rajasthan.

Visiting Rajasthan in Summer


Summer season starts with March and ends with June.

During summers temperature can go up to 45 degree Celsius and it is scorching hot.

Rajasthan gets very hot during this season. It is still pleasant during the morning and night. However, it gets very hot to go outside and explore.

This is the lean period for Rajasthan tourism.

Light, breezy cotton or linen cloths are best if one chooses to visit Rajasthan during this time.

Click here to buy this Kurta set

Click here to buy this Kurta Set

Visiting Rajasthan in Monsoon

With the onset of monsoon in July, the temperature starts dropping and greenery starts enhancing the beauty of places like Udaipur and Mount Abu.

Days are still hot but it gets bearable due to rains in between.

August and September are good months to visit Rajasthan when it starts preparing itself for the upcoming season. 

lighttravelaction-udaipur-lake-pichhola (1)

Jaipur is one of the three cities of the golden triangle circuit with the other two being Delhi and Agra. Here are 15 iconic attractions and places to visit in Jaipur.

Is Rajasthan safe for tourists?

Yes, the state of Rajasthan is safe for tourists but taking basic safety precautions is the key. Few safety tips for traveling in Rajasthan would be to avoid going out alone late at night, avoid using unlit lavatories, remember to keep your valuables with you, do your research about the place you are visiting and don’t trust people (especially touts) too quickly. If something seems fishy, be quick to get out of the situation. Your safety should be your priority so do what helps you feel safe.

I have traveled solo in Rajasthan while volunteering in a village school in Udaipur district for a month. I extended my stay for a week when I initially wanted to stay for 3 days only. So I can tell you from my own experience that Rajasthan is safe for tourists including women who are traveling alone.

  • My advice for Rajasthan travel would be to avoid going out alone late at night.
  • Keep emergency numbers with you (in a diary) or memorize them. I had once lost my phone and had a very difficult time recalling phone numbers of my near and dear ones.
  • Keep all your important items like your passport, your camera, your medication, and any other essentials in your day pack and never leave sight of this bag.
  • Always have a torchlight in your bag.
  • Many places lavatories are not well lit. Avoid using unlit lavatories.
  • A friend of mine keeps a taser gun with her whenever she is traveling solo.
  • Don’t book your tour or stays with unregistered agents.

Rajasthani people are very warm, friendly and helpful though you should be careful with touts whose sole intention most of the time would be to fleece you.

Often referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’, Udaipur is a popular tourist attraction in Rajasthan, India. Here are 7 Awesome places near Udaipur for tourists that not many tell you about.


Is it safe to drive in Rajasthan?

Driving on Rajasthan roads can be risky and frustrating. Avoid driving on Rajasthan Highways at night. The drivers driving on Rajasthan roads seldom follow the traffic rules. This can be a safety hazard for, I guess, everyone on the road!! If you have prior experience of driving in India, then you won’t be surprised. Driving on Rajasthan roads is just like driving on the rest of India’s roads.

To add to this chaos, you will also find stray cattle roaming on the roads.

Thankfully, the condition of roads in most part of Rajasthan is good with the roads in small villages being an exception where the roads can be bumpy and narrow.

Intercity travel in Rajasthan better by road trip or railways?

Intercity travel in Rajasthan is best with a privately owned car or a hired cab, next best option would be to travel in train and I would put Interstate traveling by bus as the last option. A reserved seat in the AC compartment of railways is more comfortable than a bus ride on a bumpy road. Trains also come with an additional benefit of toilet facility throughout the journey.

Having said that both road trip and railways have their pro and cons. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative opt for state-run buses. The state-run buses offer a discount to ladies.

If money is not a constraint, luxury train tour in Rajasthan is an experience not to be missed.

Palace on Wheels is a luxury train where the opulent lifestyle of the royals has been replicated. Spacious deluxe cabins with attached bathrooms, restaurants, lounge bar, and spa provide luxurious stay and royal travel experience.

It is a week-long tour with route Delhi-Jaipur-Sawai Madhopur-Chittorgarh-Udaipur-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Bharatpur-Agra-Delhi.

What clothes to take to Rajasthan?

For your Rajasthan trip, wear anything that covers you from your cleavage to your knees and you should generally not have a problem. Given the heat of Rajasthan, I prefer to wear something that covers my arms and legs as well. I carry a scarf to protect my face from the scorching heat.

Rajasthan is a state that’s a blend of tradition and modernity.

You will find men dressed in Pant- shirts, Jeans-t-shirt, and women in saree, salwar kameez, jeans-top, long skirts with kurta/top, etc.

If you go towards small towns or rural areas, you can find women dressed in traditional lehenga- choli and men in dhoti kurta.


(Richa from Light Travel Action’s Pro Tip):

  1. No matter which season, wear plenty of sunscreens.
  2. No matter which season carry a scarf, in summers it will protect you from heat, in winters from cold waves. You can use the scarf to cover your arms when you visit any religious place.

As Compared to the Great Wall of China which is 22,000 km (approximately) in length, the Kumbhalgarh Wall which is 36 km long may seem relatively modest, but is, in fact, the second longest wall in the world. It is popularly known as The Great Wall of India – Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan

What do you wear to camel safari?

If you are riding a camel, you DO NOT want to wear a thong, a skirt, hot pants or a sari. Instead, wear something that covers your legs and cushions your hip joints. Avoid flip-flops or loose sandals as they are likely to fall off along the way.

A pair of trousers/pants or leggings with a top or tunic are good.

A dupatta or stole can be used to cover the head/face and goggles to protect your eyes from sand and scorching sunlight.

How to travel locally in Rajasthan cities?

With the options of local buses, auto, jeeps, taxi, manual and e-rickshaw, cabs like Ola and Uber, traveling locally is now hassle-free.

You can choose any according to your budget and comfort level you want. While choosing any rickshaw or taxi, agree upon the fare first and then board. Fare is automatically calculated in apps.

You can also book a tour with Pink City Rickshaws while in Jaipur where women from poor families drive the rickshaw and give you a tour of the city.

One can also travel by Metro train within Jaipur.

Where to stay in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan has a lot to offer when it comes to stays. You can enjoy staying like a royal in forts and palaces, enjoy the luxury of hotels or live like a local in a family run homestay or stay in traveler’s hostel and meet travelers from all parts of the world. Check out a few of the amazing places to stay in Rajasthan.


Visiting Jaipur and wondering where to stay? Happening and popular or Calm and Royal or affordable. Click to find the best places to stay for all budgets: which is the best area to stay in Jaipur? Click to Discover the best areas.

If you are traveling on budget, here is a list of hostels in Rajasthan.

Make sure to check if the charges to be paid are inclusive of all the taxes or not, else even a good deal can make you part with a lot of additional money.


The WHO emphasizes that all international travelers should be up to date with routine vaccinations, which vary according to the traveler’s age, immunization history; existing medical conditions, duration, legal requirements for entry into countries being visited, traveler’s own preferences, and values.

Travelers should consult with physicians at least 4–6 week prior to travel in India so that there is sufficient time for completion of optimal vaccination schedules.

The WHO recommends (Source) these vaccinations for travelers to India (as well as being up to date with Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccinations-

  • Adult diphtheria and tetanus vaccine
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Oral Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Varicella
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Meningococcal
  • Rabies
  • Yellow fever

What to shop in Rajasthan?

The local bazaars of Jaipur and other tourist cities of Rajasthan are paradise for shopaholics that offer everything like apparels with tie and dye, leheriya and block prints, traditional footwear, kurtas, skirts, handbags, handmade décor items, bedsheets, classical kathputlies (puppets), carpets, souvenir, pottery items, lacquer bangles, precious and semi-precious stones and jewelry.

The art of block printing originated in Rajasthan and you can find the best options in various varieties and reasonable prices here.

Miniature painting art is something that you will find in the streets of Udaipur.

These paintings are small in size but are very detailed and elaborate. Traditional crockery made of yellow stone is very popular in Jaisalmer among tourists. Jodhpur is well known for spices in Rajasthan.

I would suggest not to pack a lot for your trip to Rajasthan and buy locally as you won’t be able to resist shopping anyway. Click here for the list of souvenirs to buy in Jaipur.

Carry a foldable shopping bag with you and fill it with stuff you buy.

The grand scale and sheer architectural complexity of magnificent fifteenth-century Ranakpur temple in Mewar region of Rajasthan, India, is absolutely alluring.

What to eat in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan won’t disappoint you in this field either.

Rajasthani thaali, laal Maas, gatte ki sabzi, pyaaz kachori, maawa kachori, ghevar, daal baati choorma are some of the famous local food items in addition to the north Indian cuisine.

Rajasthani food can be very spicy for some especially foreigners. Be careful while enjoying the local street food.


Health and hygiene

Don’t forget to pack ORS in your First Aid kit, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Traveling in Rajasthan can be very dehydrating so increase your water intake to stay hydrated.

Sanitary pads are easily available in all cities, but tampons are not much popular hence, not widely available.

Don’t drink tap water and any food on the street that doesn’t seem hygienically cooked to you.

Comprehensive travel insurance is a good idea to keep your mind at peace though it’s not necessary for India.

Adapter for India

In India, power plugs and sockets are round pins and of type C, D, and M.

  • Plug C is the plug which has two round pins.
  • Plug D has three round pins in a triangular pattern,
  • Plug M looks like plug D with but with larger pins.
  • The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.
  • If the shape of the Indian power outlet is different from the power plug you are using, then you will need a power adapter.
  • The best power adapter for India will be a Type D power adapter which is suitable for powering any 230-volt device.
  • If you need to safely use a 100, 110 or 120-volt device then you also need a step-down power converter for India.

Mosquito repellant

Mosquitoes can play a vital role in spoiling your trip if not taken care of.

To keep them away, use mosquito repellant cream or body spray.

Dress in clothes that cover your arms and legs. Mosquito/Insect repellant bracelets are also available to keep these pesky little beings away from you.

You can make your place of stay mosquito free by lighting mosquito repellant candles or using essential oils that help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Responsible Tourism

No matter which nationality, strive to be a responsible tourist. When in Rajathan, try to avoid wastage of water, riding elephants and expecting desert in all corners of Rajasthan.

At Amber Fort, there is a different kind of Traffic – the Elephant Traffic!

The Elephant Safari at Amber Fort costs Rs. 1,000/- for two people.

According to the Jaipur Travel Guide, elephants are only permitted to carry two passengers five times per day.

It takes around 20 to 30 minutes for the elephants to slowly trudge up the hillside to the main courtyard.

Unfortunately, mahouts and elephant owners train elephant calves in unfriendly conditions and with cruel techniques to become temple elephants or to be used for logging or the tourist industry.

I would beseech you to not opt for elephant rides so that the mahouts and elephant owners are encouraged (forced?) to adopt alternative livelihood options. This will help ensure that these gentle beasts of the forest stay where they belong.

Water is very scarce in Rajasthan. Women in rural areas still go miles to fetch water for their daily use.

So, use it wisely and avoid wasting water.

Don’t expect to find the desert everywhere in Rajasthan.

Only some parts of the state have desert-like Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner, etc.

I hope these tips come handy during your travel to Rajasthan.

So, pack your bags as Rajasthan calls, ‘Padharo Mhare Des!’.

Places to visit in Rajasthan

With a whiff of royalty, the opulence of the palaces, the magnificence of the forts, the charm of vernacular songs and folk dances, and breathtaking sand dunes makes Rajasthan India a sought after tourist destination for both Indians as well as International travelers. Rajasthan is a huge state and has a lot of amazing places to visit.


I can go on and on telling about the places worth visiting in Rajasthan but that would get way too long. So here I am listing some of my favorite places in Rajasthan.

Mehrangarh means ‘Fort of the sun’. Mehrangarh Fort is perched on a rocky cliff called ‘Bhakur-chiria’ which means ‘mountain of birds’. The construction of the fort was started by Rao Jodha in the mid-fifteenth century. Museum inside Mehrangarh Fort exhibits various items like palanquins, textiles, paintings, decorative arts and furniture etc that were used by the royal family during the 17th, 18th and 19th century. Click here to read more about Mehrangarh Fort.

Often referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’, Udaipur is a popular tourist attraction in Rajasthan, India. If you are heading from Udaipur (the city of lakes) to Jodhpur (the Blue city) or vice versa there are many points worth visiting en route! Here’s an itinerary to explore places around Udaipur – 7 Awesome places near Udaipur for tourists that not many tell you about.

Jaipur is one of the main tourist attractions of India as it has a lot to offer to its visitors including palaces, historical monuments, temples, museums, forts, markets and many other local experiences that keep bringing them back to this place again, and again. Read about 15 iconic places to visit and things to do in Jaipur.

The 7th Century AD, Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasthan is synonymous with valiant kings, illustrious queens, spirited warriors and mesmerizing structures. Read on to know why it must be included on your travel bucket list – IS CHITTORGARH FORT worth visiting?

frequently asked questions

What is so special about Rajasthan?

Rajasthan or ‘the land of the royals’ is famous for its vibrant culture, historical monuments, forts, palaces, desert, traditional food and art forms. It is a very popular tourist destination in India because of the unique experience it offers to its visitors.

How do you greet in Rajasthani?

Traditionally, people in Rajasthan greet with saying ‘Khamma Ghani’ and respond to this greeting with saying ‘Ghani Khamma’. ‘Khamma’ word is the colloquial version of the word ‘Kshma’ which means forgiveness. ‘Ghani’ means ‘a lot’. So when people meet each other, they begin by seeking forgiveness.

Video on Rajasthan Travel Guide | Planning, Itinerary, Top Places to Visit

This is an interesting video by World Ghoomo and will be helpful in Planning Rajasthan itinerary, top things to do, places to visit in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan symbolises warm hospitality, amazing architectural marvels, beautiful traditions, delicious food and colorful clothes. A unique travel experience in itself, Rajasthan attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. Some like to visit it for its architecture and history, some for its culture, fairs and festivals and many for the royal experience that you can have here. Here are all the tips that you need to plan your perfect Rajasthan trip. #lighttravelaction #rajasthan #rajasthantravel #rajasthantraveltips #rajasthanguide
Rajasthan symbolises warm hospitality, amazing architectural marvels, beautiful traditions, delicious food and colorful clothes. A unique travel experience in itself, Rajasthan attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. Some like to visit it for its architecture and history, some for its culture, fairs and festivals and many for the royal experience that you can have here. Here are all the tips that you need to plan your perfect Rajasthan trip. #lighttravelaction #rajasthan #rajasthantravel #rajasthantraveltips #rajasthanguide

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