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TRAFFIC: Nobody wants it on road and EVERY BLOGGER WANTS it for their blog. As a newbie blogger I had my head buried trying to figure out how to get more and more eyeballs to my website. To this date Organic Google traffic is my highest traffic source but then there is PINTEREST. I absolutely love Pinterest and Tailwind (especially with the latest addition of Tailwind Create).

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling app which makes my blogging life much easier. So today I want to share with you, how you too can effortlessly create pins and schedule them so that you save time on creating pins and put more time on actually growing your business.

Pinterest has always been the place for pretty images, dreamy ideas and the inspiration to go do them— from stunning travel locations to travel quotes, recipes to beauty tutorials, art and craft, and more.

As a travel blogger I am constantly looking for ways to grow my organic traffic and Pinterest has been a huge contributor in helping me reach out to International audiences.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the visual discovery engine.

Pinterest is all about visuals. To me it’s more like window shopping but not just for things but ideas and a lot more! 

You can search for almost anything and Pinterest shows you the results in the form of beautiful and attractive pins. You can just click on these pins and get more information or save these pins for later. More attractive the pins, the more you have the chances of getting visitors for your blog or website. 

You need to stay consistent with valuable content creation. But then it also consumes a lot of effort and time. 

No doubt that I have been getting regular traffic through my pins but I also have to set aside a lot of time to create catchy and attractive pins that would make people click on those or save those pins. 

Due to the availability of thousands of amazing combinations to create pins, I would usually be spending a lot of time into it because every next pin seemed better than the earlier one. Also creating and sharing pins consistently on Pinterest and Instagram consumed a huge chunk of my time everyday. 

I would spend hours first creating and then manually sharing those pins on all boards on different times. It was not only time consuming but also exhausting. 

Now that was before I started using Tailwind. So what exactly is Tailwind?

What is Tailwind?

For the uninitiated, Tailwind is the tool that helps you schedule your pins in advance on Pinterest and Instagram so that you don’t have to worry about posting pins regularly. 

Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest and Instagram. 

With the help of Tailwind you can schedule all your pins in one go for the time that works best for you. Click here to read more about how to use Tailwind for massive Pinterest growth.

If you want to get started with using Tailwind for Instagram, read this detailed post about how to schedule posts on Tailwind for Instagram.


TAILWIND CREATE is a new feature of Tailwind that has made it such a seamless and smooth experience to create pins, edit, manage and schedule them, all in one place. 

With the help of TAILWIND CREATE, I have created and scheduled Pins for months in advance. 

And being a person who is always thinking about Pinterest Marketing, I can definitely say that it has helped me save a lot of time and peace of mind. 

I can invest this time and effort into other things like planning ahead for my blog or to take more breaks in between my work to have my favourite cup of coffee!

Now let’s get into the details of TAILWIND CREATE!

TAILWIND CREATE takes social media marketing to another level. 

Simply put, it is like having an assistant that you provide with some basic inputs like images from your blog post/website/computer gallery, Pin title, fonts. In return, it will provide you with hundreds of pins created for you. 

You can choose from these pins or edit these according to your taste. You can change the colors, images, layout and make the changes according to your preference. This is what I like the most about TAILWIND CREATE. 

I often get stuck in this loop of trying various combinations of colors, fonts, elements, layout etc to get the best result that I don’t realize I have already spent an hour or more at it than the 15 minutes time I had blocked. 

With TAILWIND CREATE, it takes just a few minutes to come up with hundreds of designs so that you can select a few to publish.

You don’t need to use various layouts and images individually to see what actually looks the best for the kind of pin that you are looking for. 

It’s already there to save your time and energy. You have a lot of readymade options to choose from or you just have to tweak them a little to your preference in case you want some changes.

It may seem a little overwhelming at first if you haven’t used Tailwind at all. But trust me once you start using it, there’s no looking back. 

It is such a huge relief from spending hours in front of the computer just to get those perfect pins for the post. 

This post contains Affiliate links. If you do sign up for Tailwind I would love it if you used my affiliate link by clicking here! (if you do sign up with this link I will receive a wee commission at no additional cost to you!) What that means is if you click on any of the links and make a purchase, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. If you do, I thank you for your purchase. I have been compensated by TAILWIND CREATE for sharing my experience of using TAILWIND CREATE through this post.

I am going to explain it to you step by step how to use TAILWIND CREATE for Pinterest and Instagram marketing.

Step by step guide to use TAILWIND CREATE

Log into Your Tailwind Account

In order to use TAILWIND CREATE, you need to log in your Tailwind account. If you haven’t used Tailwind ever, you can sign up with Tailwind using your Pinterest or Instagram account. It’s very easy and won’t take more than a minute.



You’d be taken to your Dashboard. On your left down side, below ‘PUBLISHER’, you will notice ‘CREATE’ and a Paintbrush. This is where you need to click. It will take you to TAILWIND CREATE. This is the space where a lot of action happens!


Click on ‘Start designing’ and then on the agreement page next.

You will have a video tutorial on your screen. You can watch the video by clicking play button or just click continue.

Choose Your Brand Settings

Set brand text, brand font, brand colors and brand logo. You can choose from the available fonts or upload your own custom fonts. Uploading custom fonts are available in Premium features. There are curated color palettes that you can choose from. All of these have to be done just once. If you have a brand logo, you can upload it right here. It would be used in your designs.

You’d be asked to choose a color palette and fonts. If needed, you can check the tutorial video there to understand how it works. 

Start Designing 

You’d be taken to ‘Let’s get started’. 


Copy and paste the destination link (link of your blog post) in the LINK column. Pin Title would be automatically fetched from your destination link. If you want you can change the pin title.

Also the images from the destination link would be fetched under ‘Site Photos’. In the PHOTOS column, you can upload images from your computer. You can also search and choose images from the stock photos. 


Just put the relevant keywords for images in the search bar and you would be provided with many free high quality images. No need to search for images or download images at some other place. Click on the images you want to have in your designs.


When you have chosen the images, they would be processed and you would be provided with hundreds of options in different layouts and patterns. You can scroll down and see lots and lots of designs that you can choose from. 


Make Changes If You Want

You can click on ‘Try on different looks’ to make changes in colors, image or layout. You can click on Edit to make other changes like adding text and making changes in the elements and photo in the design. You can add elements to your design, crop photo or change them according to your preferences. 


If you edit a particular design and may like to use it in future, you can save it by clicking on ‘Favorite This Design’. Saves loads of time and effort.

Use The Filters To Narrow Down Your Options

You can also filter and narrow down the options by choosing – Content Type, Industry/Niche and Pin Format available at top right. While here, you can change the pin title and the colors and see the result right there in all the pins.

If you want to make changes in all the designs shown, just use the design settings column on the left hand side. Any changes made here in colors or text would reflect in all the pin designs. If you want to make any changes in some specific design, click on ‘Edit’ or ‘Try on different looks’ below that particular design.

Select Your Favorite Designs

If you are satisfied with a design or more designs, you can just click on ‘Select’. The selected designs would be there in your Selection that you can review anytime.


You can review these pins and click on ‘Go schedule’ when you are ready to put these on the schedule. You can also download these designs to your computer.

Another thing I would like to mention here- Regular improvements are being made in TAILWIND CREATE to make it better.

I hope with this you would have got a clear idea about how to use TAILWIND CREATE for Pinterest. It’s just a little bit of time invested in learning and a lot of time saved later on! And time is money! 

I would summarize the benefits of TAILWIND CREATE to make it easier for you to understand how it has helped me.


  • Saves a lot of time as you can create many Pins in a few minutes
  • Provides of with lots of readymade unique designs
  • Saves the effort of trying various layouts, fonts, colors to find that perfect design for your pin
  • Makes it easier to come up with the perfect pins for your different target audience
  • Lots of amazing high quality images available to choose from
  • The perfect blend of readymade and customization
  • You can customize these options to your preference
  • The changes made in designs can be saved for future use
  • Every design is unique and created for you
  • Streamlined process of creating, editing, scheduling pins in one place

Did I say, it saves a lot of time so that I can take more of those much-needed coffee breaks in between my work? It has actually taken away a lot of my stress as I always used to feel short on time!

Various plans are available for TAILWIND CREATE. You can choose according to your requirement and budget. New users can try TAILWIND CREATE for free! Tailwind is offering 50% off TAILWIND CREATE till January 2021.

  1. Tailwind also offers a trial in which you can schedule 100 Pins and 20 Instagram Posts.
  2. Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram Partner so when you subscribe for tailwind remember that Instagram and Pinterest are separate paid subscriptions.
  3. TAILWIND CREATE functionality will have an additional price: Tailwind is offering 50% off TAILWIND CREATE till January 2021 and it is subject to change after public launch: SO HURRY!

So what do you plan to choose to do with the time you saved with the help of TAILWIND CREATE? 

Time is money! But what if you are spending too much of it on creating Pins for Pinterest marketing? Spend no more than a few minutes to create attractive and click-worthy Pins with Tailwind Create. Creating pins was not this fun and interesting before Tailwind Create. Find more about Tailwind Create and how to use it. #lighttravelaction #pinterest #tailwindforpinterest #tailwindcreate #tailwindguide #pinterestgrowth #tailwindpinterestmarketing #pintereststrategy
Time is money! But what if you are spending too much of it on creating Pins for Pinterest marketing? Spend no more than a few minutes to create attractive and click-worthy Pins with Tailwind Create. Creating pins was not this fun and interesting before Tailwind Create. Find more about Tailwind Create and how to use it. #lighttravelaction #pinterest #tailwindforpinterest #tailwindcreate #tailwindguide #pinterestgrowth #tailwindpinterestmarketing #pintereststrategy
Time is money! But what if you are spending too much of it on creating Pins for Pinterest marketing? Spend no more than a few minutes to create attractive and click-worthy Pins with Tailwind Create. Creating pins was not this fun and interesting before Tailwind Create. Find more about Tailwind Create and how to use it. #lighttravelaction #pinterest #tailwindforpinterest #tailwindcreate #tailwindguide #pinterestgrowth #tailwindpinterestmarketing #pintereststrategy

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