A Rendezvous With Rann Of Kutch – Road Trip Onboard A Luxury Truck



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Is Offbeat Travel Your Calling? 

If YOUR heart beats for “OFFBEAT Travel and ADVENTURE”, then it is time to skip a beat!! Go over-landing in a luxury truck from the DESERT of RAJASTAN to the Desert of RANN OF KUTCH. 

Road Trip onboard an overland luxury truck from Rajasthan to Rann of Kutch in India
Offbeat Travel – onboard a Luxury Truck

Just the way Rajasthan is synonymous to forts, havelis, desert, camels, colourfully attired men & women, Bhuj is about the WHITE DESERT SAND and the lovely Flamingos that flock to visit this equally colourful and wonderful desert.

Experience the Nomadic life of the nomads of the Desert lands of India. Taurus offers NOMADIC LIFESTYLE in comfort!!

Colourfully attired women fetching water from the well in the desert of Rajasthan and Rann of Kutch. Visit this place with Taurus the Luxury truck in India
Soak in the culture of Rajasthan and Bhuj



The power under the hood – Taurus is a full grown handsome ‘Recreational Vehicle’ (unique self-contained mobile camping unit) with its a muscled body with a well-crafted tough “no nonsense” look, carefully designed for outdoor activities in remote areas.

Taurus has a six cylinder turbocharged engine that growls silently with 147 horses pulling you through your journey!

Safety and comfort are our primary concerns.

Road Trip onboard an overland luxury truck from rajasthan to rann of kutch in India
Road Trip onboard an overland luxury truck from rajasthan to rann of kutch in India


Our Repute of being an Offbeat Travel Loving Family has landed us with some awesome associations with some awe-inspiring people. 

LIGHT TRAVEL ACTION is the Brand Building and Marketing Partner for Taurus’s Maiden Trip to the beautiful and serene Rann of Kutch from 5th January to 11th January 2019

Duration of the Tour:

  • 7 Days 6 Nights
  • Inclusive of Stay and Meals

Package Cost for Kutch Tour:

The package is for Rs.45,000/- (EARLY BIRD Rs.32,000/-).

Book before 25th December 2018 for the Introductory Offer of Rs.32,000/-

If you are our LOYAL READERS   then you get an ADDITIONAL Discount of Rs. 2000/- USE DISCOUNT CODE: “Light Travel Action” while booking.

Message / Email for details: richa@lighttravelaction.com

Already Made up your mind, then we are just a cheque and Phone call away  Call +91 6280595008

Places we will explore

Barmer – Dholavira – Ran of Kutchh – Bhuj


Day 1: 5th January: Arrive at Barmer, meet Taurus outside Barmer town, quick check-in and depart for Gujarat.

Night onboard Taurus.

We will camp anywhere after 1530 hours.

If the group reaches Barmer early, then we will be able to  reach Nadeshwari Temple area that very night. If the group gets delayed in Barmer then we may stop at Suigam and explore the handicrafts by award winning artisans.

Day 2: 6th January: After morning tea and breakfast, wind up the camp and move to visit the Indo-Pak border post Nada Bet to meet and greet the soldiers who keep us safe at the risk of their personal safety.

Day 3: 7th January: After breakfast Taurus revs up for the much awaited visit to the famous Dholavira. It is one of the largest remarkable excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization which was one of the most developed civilizations roughly 4500 years ago.

Witness the history yourself! Night stay onboard Taurus.

Day 4: 8th January: After breakfast departure for Samtra village, 22 kms from Bhuj city. Camp for the night onboard Taurus.

Day 5: 9th January: After morning tea, drive 75 kms from Samatra to the pristine beach. Night onboard Taurus next to the beach gifted by the Arabian Sea.

Day 6: 10th January: Enjoy the Pristine Samtra for one more day.

Day 7: 11th January: After a leisure breakfast drive back to Samtra and drop at Bhuj.

Highlights of RANN OF KUTCH Road Trip

Most unique experience with Taurus:

  • Experience the Flexibility and Freedom – not a regimented tour
  • Romance with Billions of Stars
  • Pristine Sand Dunes
  • Rural India at its best
  • Plenty of Photo Opportunities
  • Border Post to meet & greet soldiers
  • White Rann
  • Dholavira
  • Tranquility at its best
  • Exhilarating drives with scanty traffic on the roads disappearing into horizon
  • Flamingos
  • A night on a Beach
  • Experience Wilderness


  • Please refer to the photos of Taurus to understand the accommodation.
  • There are 2 tents on the rooftop for double occupancy
  • 4 tents ( 2 on each side of the wall of Taurus ) for single occupancy and
  • 2 beds (of average width) inside Taurus, especially for seniors.
  • A private tent, for ladies as single or couple, can be offered on the ground as an extra.


lighttravelaction-rann-of-kutch-tour-places-visit-road-trip (10)
lighttravelaction-rann-of-kutch-tour-places-visit-road-trip (8)
lighttravelaction-rann-of-kutch-tour-places-visit-road-trip (7)
For those who love Offbeat Travel
Taurus at Night
Slow Travel at its best
A Date with the Sand Dunes

For those who love Offbeat Travel Taurus at Night Slow Travel at its best A Date with the Sand Dunes


Vegetarian food, morning and evening tea onboard the Taurus.


  • Taurus as transport, veg food (morning evening tea) and stay. Sometimes fresh veggies are cooked, also we use best tinned veggies to save time.
  • Veg lunch on the days when Taurus is not moving and camping all day and night.
  • Pick up and drop only as a group
  • While travelling, if time permits, we may cook and serve field lunch.
  • Sleeping bags and tents are provide by us.


  • Any other transport for excursions if needed.
  • Pick up and drop as individuals
  • Non veg meals
  • Bottled water
  • Beverages other than onboard filter water and morning evening
  • Food at Dhabas while being on the move from one point to another to save time for travelling. This will happen when we are in a rush to reach our camp, as we must start looking for camping after 1500 hours.
  • Any kind of insurances
  • Accidents and rescues
  • Any kind of medical support
  • Anything consumed outside Taurus
  • Any entry fee to any place
  • Modeling fee for anyone photographed by participants
  • Rides of any kind i.e. cycles, camels, elephants, boats, etc.
  • Porter, escort, guide
  • Journey from home to Barmer and Samatra to home.
  • If you drive in your own car, the tariff is not compensated.

Please Note

  • This is a tentative program and may be altered to make it better
  • You must travel with your comprehensive insurance for medical, equipment and accidents.
  • We don’t cut corners or keep hidden costs to make the tariff attractive. Our expeditions are of quality and can’t be compared with tours around home-stays and guesthouses or even hotels.
  • Any stay for any reasons if its extra at any place then it will be as extra payable before check-out.
  • Camp is based on self-service.
  • Travel ultra-light with soft bags – big no to suit cases
  • No alcohol consumption
  • Pick up and drop only for the group.
  • We are not selling tours; we are offering a special lifetime unique experience in total comfort and nomadic style, to be enjoyed in the lap of Mother Nature.
  • It’s 5-star for those who are passionate about outdoors, not for those who come looking for luxuries of hotel rooms.


  • We have the right to make amendments at any time and your kind cooperation and mutual faith is sought for the same.
  • This program is tentative. It’s just to give you an idea of  what kind of program it is likely to be from Barmer to Bhuj.
  • It could be changed anytime even while conducting, based on various factors for safety and delivery, NOT to save money or to cut corners of quality.
  • Legal jurisdiction for any disputes is Panchkula.
  • The Terms and Conditions in detail can be read here.


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  1. Hi Richa, I had never heard of Taurus truck before. Sounds so interesting. I’ve seen similar truck trips in Africa where they are very popular. In US people get their own RVs. I’ve never tried either. We love road trips but we just drive ourselves to hotel, Airbnb, resorts etc. but I’ve always wondered.

  2. This is certainly of the beaten track and right up our alley! I would love to experience something like this with my kids when they are older! Great post and lovely photos

  3. I love how you describe Taurus as tough and muscled body. I think you summed it pretty well lol. I guess that’s exactly what you need to go off the beaten track. I would love to experience the white desert sand of Bhuj. It would be interesting to immerse myself in the nomadic lifestyle of the people there too!

  4. I had never heard of Taurus truck before. But yes Rann of kutch fest is incredible and must visit to explore Gujarat. Road trip from Bhuj to kutch is just amazing. Great post.

  5. I LOVE offbeat travel! Great post – I love detailed posts like these that lay out all the details. Looks like a beautiful trip!


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