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Museum of Goa is also known as MOG. ‘Mog’ in Konkani means Love.

India has some breathtaking beautiful destinations and Goa definitely is one of them.

This Museum in North Goa, India, is in fact not a museum but a unique private contemporary art gallery created and curated by love by Dr. Kerkar. 

In spite of its Art Gallery like tranquillity, this is not a dreary place.

Children as well as adults will enjoy visiting this Gallery. MOG explores Goa’s history through the lens of contemporary art through interesting and eclectic mix of sculptures, installations, paintings and pottery.

Bapu Kuti

His series ‘Fishermen and the Ocean’ and ‘Mahatma Gandhi’s Heart Sounds’ are my personal favourite.

I have covered other objects of interest, timing, location and few other details about Museum of Goa in this post.

Gaur installation at Museum of Goa, India, Asia

An offbeat tourist attraction in goa

“Wahan tourist nahin jaate hain Madam, Industrial area hai woh,” (Tourists don’t visit this industrial area) quipped our driver nonchalantly.

Installations depicting Cotton balls with one ball having the head of Sheep in Museum of Goa, India

My mom, my sister and I were in Goa to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 

Goa is one of the Best Holiday Destinations in India and hence tends to get very touristy. 

Having visited Goa many times before, we were in a mood for all things non-touristy! We cajoled the driver and asked him to follow the MOG road signs and Indigo coloured Mermaids for directions.

Oil painting showing girls and women coming out of a Goan Church in Museum of Goa, MOG
Painting by Dr Kerkar’s Father

Spanning over 1,500 Sq ft and Sprawled across three floors in the middle of the dusty industrial area of Pilerne in North Goa, the Museum of Goa was a pleasant surprise.

Painting of a Goan woman fondly named Aunty Concessao from Aldona
Local Appeal: Aunty Concessao from Aldona is here to spend time with MOG

Eclectic work at Museum of Goa

Museum of Goa provides space for both temporary and permanent exhibitions. New works are added regularly to the displays, thereby ensuring a dynamic and constantly evolving museum.

Casco Chilli

Vasco-da-Gama was responsible for introducing chillies into India. This  wooden sculpture is Dr Kerkar’s ode to Vasco.

MOG is a perfect example of artistic and commercial sensibility working in sync.

Museum of Goa: Subodh Kerkar

Dr Subodh Kerkar is the creator and curator of the installations at MOG. 

A qualified medical professional, he gave up medicine to pursue conceptual art 27 years ago. MOG is his work station now and if you are lucky you can even meet him at the Museum (just like we did).

My Mother receiving a gift from Dr Subodh Kerkar inside the Kerkar Musuem of Goa in Goa, India
My Mom with Dr Kerkar

It is interesting how art, musical notes and inspiring quotes can motivate us!


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Museum of Goa (MOG) Store

Shop selling artifacts inside the Museum of Goa (MOG) in Goa, India
We bought Fridge Magnets, Post Cards and Shell Rings.

The MOG Store offers beautiful jewellery inspired by the sea. You can also buy T-shirts, postcards, badges, fridge magnets, small sculptures, had crafted souvenirs worthy of curation. 

Gandhi Idol made of coconut for sale in Museum of Goa (MOG) in Goa, India

Open Everyday, 10am to 6pm

museum of goa timings

MOG is open on all days from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

museum of Goa entry fee

The Museum of Goa Ticket Price is as follows:-

Indian Nationals: INR 150
Indian Nationals younger than 18: INR 75

Foreign Nationals: INR 300
Foreign Nationals under 18: INR 150

Museum of Goa Location

Plot No 79, Pilerne Industrial Estate , Pilerne , Bardez Goa  – 403511

Things to Know before you go

  • Museum of Goa is not a museum, but a private art gallery.
  • It will take you one and half hours to two hours to visit this museum. 
  • Photography is allowed inside the premises. 
  • Their is an ‘in-house’ cafe.
  • Toilets are neat and clean.
  • There is a 15 minute documentary which you can see if you are interested in knowing more about how Dr Kerkar decided to give up medicine and pursue his passion for art.
  • MOG Sundays is an initiative to bring to the public a series of talks, films and expressions from experts of various creative fields, worldwide. The event curated by Dr. Subodh Kerkar is hosted every Sunday from 11:00 am- 1:00 pm at the Museum of Goa.

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Chilly installations in the Museum of Goa, India, Asia

38 thoughts on “Museum of Goa – A mélange of art and nature!”

    • Paula, it’s a three-storeyed gallery and it takes around 1 and a half hours to 2 hours to visit. Quite an interesting collection, I must say 🙂

  1. Hey Richa,

    who knew that Goa had such an incredible gallery! I’ve only heard about the fantastic beaches, to be honest 😉

    I’ll definitely put it on my itinerary once I decide to travel to India.


  2. The Museum of Goa looks like a great place to spend a couple of hours! Did they happen to have an English audio guide or materials in English to read about the different exhibits?

  3. This is more informative than Lonely Planet is 🙂 Definitelly an interesting tip! I can see that Goa has much more to offer than touristic beaches….

    • JANE I am doing a happy dance here after reading your awesome compliment 🙂 and Yesss Goa has so much more to offer than the touristy beaches!

  4. Ok so I LOVE THIS!!! Firstly I’ve been wanting to visit Goa for such a long time. On top of that, I absolutely love finding unique and wonderful smaller museums like this!! Art is a passion of mine, and I love the style of the art pictured here. Those chilli peppers are so much fun!

  5. Very interesting find! I have never heard of this museum despite having been to Goa several times but like you said, not a lot of people know about it or visit it. I am not a very museum person but some kinds of museums do spark my interest. Seems like I might just like MOG.

  6. I love offbeat attractions and always search for it. So thanks for sharing this hidden gem of Goa and as this museum has so many unique art pieces, it would be interesting to visit this. I loved those eclectic colorful chillies and painting by Kerkar’s father. It is good your mom met the creator of these artworks and as an artist, I would also love to meet him.

  7. Have been to Goa so many times but never visited the museum of Goa. Have added in the list for the next time. Did not know that Vasco-da-Gama introduced chillies into India. The picture is so vibrant and pretty. Such wonderful artwork with coconut shell. Glad you shared about it as not much is spoken of MOG elsewhere.

  8. We love to explore art galleries so this looks like a must to visit when we’re in Goa. Love the chilli sculpture! Fascinating to read about and I hope we can visit when we travel to India.

  9. I have visited Goa twice, but sadly given this place a miss. I never knew this museum had such interesting artworks and exhibits. I am going to make sure to visit it whenever I am in Goa next.

  10. The personal gallery creation as a hobby was long lost as an art. In earlier years, around 1950’s or 60’s, art collection was on its pinnacle in the West and there used to competition among people in this field. Glad to see someone in India has such a rare hobby. You have taken a bold step to encourage other people as well to consider art collection museum as a serious hobby. Thanks for the post. 🙂

  11. The Museum looks awesome, and I also like the chilli instalation. It really is an interesting one, considering Vasco da Gamma also brought with him the Portuguese language which is an official language in Goa, if I am not mistaken!

  12. I must say not many people visiting Goa would think about visiting Museum of Goa. But your pictures and description make me wanna visit it.. There are some unique art installations and interesting stories in there.

    • I think an Art museum is for Art lovers – no matter where they are art lovers look out for Museums – it’s definitely not your routine touristy place 🙂

  13. I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of art galleries but this looks so cool! It something so different and not your typical India experience, I would think. Seems like a great place to learn about the culture.

  14. Great post. The museum looks really fascinating. Interesting to read that it is a private gallery rather than a public museum. Cannot wait to visit Goa some day, hopefully not too long away.

  15. Never been to Goa but wow what a quirky museum! I love the mix between traditional style art and the hyper-modern sheep sculpture! I would love to make it to india one day

  16. I want to head to Goa. I currently live in Chennai so will head over there soon, this art gallery looks right up my street. I will pin it for later and can’t wait to explore North Goa properly.

  17. I love the fact that the art in the museum is diverse and really brings out the talents of the artists. I am truly intrigued by how the art piece of a man riding a bike was designed- it looks so real i just cant wrap my head around it. This is truly amazing talent

  18. This looks so interesting! I love the chili pepper display! Definitely will have to add this to my bucket list for India. Thanks for sharing!


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