HINDI NUMBERS 1 TO 100 – learn the fun way

As I sit to write about Hindi numbers 1 to 100 I am reminded of a Popular Bollywood Hindi song from my Childhood.

Ek Do Teen, the immensely popular dance track from N Chandra’s Tezaab (1988) is all about how a dancer spent her 30 days waiting for her lover to return.

I can credit this song for helping me learn hindi numbers at least from 1 to 30. So if you want to have some Bollywood fun find the link to the famous song at the end of the post.

If you are looking for some cultural immersive experience in India’s Hindi speaking belts read on. 

In this post I have included Hindi numbers from 1 to 100 in Devnagri Lipi which is the hindi script accompanied by Romanized pronunciation (ie: ek, do, teen…) in both numerals, Westernised Arabic numbers as well as Hindi numerals.

HINDI NUMBERS 0 TO 100 – Learn Hindi numbers accompanied by Romanized pronunciation. Make traveling to India a cultural Immersive experience.

Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper.

Shakuntala Devi was an Indian writer and mental calculator, popularly known as the “human computer”. She rightly said that Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics.

Everything around you is numbers and so today we are going to learn hindi numbers one to hundred. 

How many of you know one to hundred numbers in hindi?

Hindi Numbers from 1 to 100: 

For all my International readers as well as Indian readers who are still struggling with learning numbers in Hindi here is a table which will help you remember the hindi numbers from 1 to 100.

If these numbers are new to you, spend a bit of time memorising them.

If you would like to know how to write numbers in hindi, here is your Downloadable Link to the Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 PDF.

HINDI NUMBERS 0 TO 100 – Learn Hindi numbers accompanied by Romanized pronunciation. Make traveling to India a cultural Immersive experience.

Learn one to hundred Hindi Counting the Easy Way.

Hindi numbers 1 to 10

0          zero     ०          शून्य    Shuniye
1          one      १          एक      Ek
2          two      २          दो         Do
3          three   ३          तीन      Teen
4          four     ४          चार      Char
5          five      ५          पांच      Panch
6          six        ६          छह       Cheh
7          seven   ७          सात     Saat
8          eight    ८          आठ     Aath
9          nine     ९          नौ        Nao
10        ten       १०        दस       Das

Let’s see if you can tell me what is one two three in hindi?

Hindi numbers 11 to 20

11        eleven             ११        ग्यारह  Gyaarah
12        twelve             १२        बारह    Baarah
13        thirteen           १३        तेरह     Tehrah
14        fourteen          १४        चौदह    Chaudah
15        fifteen             १५        पंद्रह     Pandrah
16        sixteen             १६        सोलह   Saulah
17        seventeen        १७        सत्रह     Satrah
18        eighteen          १८        अठारह Atharah
19        nineteen          १९        उन्नीस Unnis
20        twenty             २०        बीस      Bees

Hindi numbers 21 to 30

21        twenty one      २१        इकीस      Ikis
22        twenty two      २२        बाईस      Bais
23        twenty three   २३        तेइस       Teis
24        twenty four     २४        चौबीस     Chaubis
25        twenty five      २५        पच्चीस    Pachis
26        twenty six        २६        छब्बीस    Chabis
27        twenty seven   २७        सताइस    Satais
28        Twenty eight   २८        अट्ठाइस    Athais
29        twenty nine     २९        उनतीस    Unatis
30        thirty               ३०        तीस           Tis

Hindi numbers 31 to 40

31        thirty one        ३१        इकतीस         Ikatis
32        thirty two        ३२        बतीस           Batis
33        thirty three      ३३        तैंतीस          Teintis
34        thirty four        ३४        चौंतीस         Chautis
35        thirty five        ३५        पैंतीस            Paintis
36        thirty six          ३६        छतीस            Chatis
37        thirty seven     ३७        सैंतीस            Setis
38        thirty eight      ३८        अड़तीस         Adhtis
39        thirty nine       ३९        उनतालीस     Untaalis
40        forty                ४०        चालीस            Chalis

Hindi numbers 41 to 50

41        forty one         ४१        इकतालीस        Iktalis
42        forty two         ४२        बयालीस           Byalis
43        forty three       ४३        तैतालीस           Tetalis
44        forty four         ४४        चवालीस           Chavalis
45        forty five         ४५        पैंतालीस           Pentalis
46        forty six           ४६        छयालिस          Chyalis
47        forty seven      ४७        सैंतालीस          Setalis
48        forty eight       ४८        अड़तालीस        Adtalis
49        forty nine        ४९        उनचास            Unachas
50        fifty                  ५०        पचास               Pachas

Hindi numbers 51 to 60

51        fifty one           ५१        इक्यावन   Ikyavan
52        fifty two           ५२        बावन        Baavan
53        fifty three        ५३        तिरपन      Tirepan
54        fifty four          ५४        चौवन       Chauwan
55        fifty five           ५५        पचपन      Pachpan
56        fifty six             ५६        छप्पन      Chappan
57        fifty seven       ५७        सतावन     Satavan
58        fifty eight        ५८        अठावन    Athaavan
59        fifty nine          ५९        उनसठ     Unsadh
60        sixty                 ६०        साठ          Saadh

Hindi numbers 61 to 70

61        sixty one          ६१        इकसठ      Iksadh
62        sixty two          ६२        बासठ       Baasad
63        sixty three       ६३        तिरसठ      Tirsadh
64        sixty four         ६४        चौंसठ        Chausadh
65        sixty five          ६५        पैंसठ          Pensath
66        sixty six            ६६        छियासठ    Chiyasath
67        sixty seven       ६७        सड़सठ     Sadhsath
68        sixty eight        ६८        अड़सठ     Asdhsath
69        sixty nine         ६९        उनहतर    Unahtar
70        seventy            ७०        सत्तर        Sattar

Hindi numbers 71 to 80

71        seventy one     ७१        इकहतर   Ikahtar
72        seventy two     ७२        बहतर     Bahatar
73        seventy three  ७३        तिहतर    Tihatar
74        seventy four    ७४        चौहतर    Chauhatar
75        seventy five     ७५        पचहतर   Pachhatar
76        seventy six       ७६        छिहतर    Chiyahatar
77        seventy seven  ७७        सतहतर   Satahatar
78        seventy eight   ७८        अठहतर   Adhahatar
79        seventy nine    ७९        उन्नासी   Unnasi
80        eighty              ८०        अस्सी        Assi

Hindi numbers 81 to 90

81        eighty one       ८१        इक्यासी    Ikyasi
82        eighty two       ८२        बयासी      Byaasi
83        eighty three    ८३        तिरासी     Tirasi
84        eighty four      ८४        चौरासी     Chaurasi
85        eighty five       ८५        पचासी      Pachasi
86        eighty six         ८६        छियासी    Chiyaasi
87        eighty seven    ८७        सतासी      Sataasi
88        eighty eight     ८८        अट्ठासी     Athasi
89        eighty nine      ८९        नवासी    Nauasi
90        ninety              ९०        नब्बे       Nabbay

Hindi numbers 91 to 100

91        ninety one       ९१        इक्यानवे    Ikyaanave
92        ninety two       ९२        बानवे        Baanave
93        ninety three    ९३        तिरानवे     Tiranavay
94        ninety four      ९४        चौरानवे     Chauraanavay
95        ninety five       ९५        पचानवे     Pachaanavay
96        ninety six         ९६        छियानवे   Chiyaanavay
97        ninety seven    ९७        सतानवे    Sataanavay
98        ninety eight     ९८        अट्ठानवे    Adhaanavay
99        ninety nine      ९९        निन्यानवे  Ninyaanavay
100      one hundred    १००      एक सौ     Ek Sau

Can you tell what is one in hindi? Correct, it is एक (Ek). Hope the English to hindi numbers were helpful.

hindi numbers 1 to 100 video

This video by Catrack Kids TV will help you learn 1 to 100 counting in Hindi .

How many no in hindi were you able to learn?

Do you need to know hindi numbers to visit India?

The answer to this question is my “Indian Head shake”. 

The infamous Indian head-shake has its roots in Indian philosophy where truth is contextual: depending on the situation, the answer to a given question can be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ which means nothing is definite, it is always open-ended.

You don’t have to know hindi numbers if you are visiting the major cities in India but if cultural immersive tourism is on your mind then knowing numbers in Hindi will be helpful. 

So are you ready to learn the hindi numbers in words the Bollywood way?

9 states of India have Hindi as their official language and have a Hindi-speaking majority. These 9 states are namely Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand ,  and National Capital Territory of Delhi

Learning Hindi with Bollywood

Here is a Non traditional way of learning Hindi from 1 to 30 with the immensely popular dance track Ek Do Teen from the movie Tezaab.

With this song you will learn the numbers name in Hindi!

Ek Do Teen Song Trivia:

The song Ek Do Teen was inspired by the opening bars of an old popular song “Chanda mama door ke” composed by the famous yesteryears music composer Ravi for the film Vachan.

This song won the 34th FilmFare Awards for Best Female Playback Singer –Alka Yagnik, Best Choreography – Saroj Khan and got nominated for Best Lyricist – Javed Akhtar and Best Male Playback Singer – Amit Kumar.

Ek Do Teen was subsequently recreated for another movie Baaghi 2, sung this time by Shreya Ghoshal.

Ek Do Teen Lyrics – Tezaab Song

Mohini Mohini Mohini Mohini

Kahiye, kya sunenge aap?
Arre pehle yeh kahiye kahan thi aap?
Main! main kar rahi thi kisi ka intezar
Kaun hai woh?
Woh jis-se main karti hoon pyar
Aur, jis-se karti hoon minnatein baar-baar

Ding dong ding, ding dong ding dong ding dong
Ding dong dong, ding dong, ding dong dong dong

(And here we go with the Hindi numbers) 

<p>”>Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah
Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah
Tera karoon, tera karoon din gin gin ke intezar
Aaja piya aai bahar
Tera karoon din gin gin ke intezar
Aaja piya aai bahar

Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah
Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah

Chaudah ko tera sandesa aaya
Chaudah ko tera sandesa aaya
Pandrah ko aaoonga yeh kehlaya
Chaudah ko aaya na pandrah ko tu
Tadpa ke mujhko tune kya paya
Solah ko bhi, solah ko bhi solah kiye the singar
Aaja piya aayi bahar
Tera karoon din gin gin ke intezar
Aaja piya aai bahar
Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah

Satrah ko samjhi sang chhoot gaya
Atthrah ko dil toot gaya
Ro ro guzara maine sara unnees
Bees ko dil ke tukde hue bees
Phir bhi nahin
Phir bhi nahin dil se gaya tera pyaar
Aaja piya aayi bahar
Tera karoon din gin gin ke intezar
Aaja piya aai bahar
Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah

Ikkees beeti, baais gayi
Teyis guzari, chaubis gayi
Pachchees chhabees ne mara mujhe
Birha ki chakki mein main pis gayi
Din bas, din bas mahine ke hain aur char
Aaja piya aayi bahar
Tera karoon din gin gin ke intezar
Aaja piya aai bahar
Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah

Din bane hafte re hafte mahine
Mahine ban gaye saal
Aake zara tu dekh to le
Kya hua hai mera haal
Deewani dar-dar main phirti hoon
Main jeeti hoon na main marti hoon
Tanhai ki raatein sehati hoon
Aaja aaja aaja aaja aaja
Aaja ke din ginti rehati hoon

Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah
Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah
Tera karoon din gin gin ke intezar
Aaja piya aai bahar
Tera karoon din gin gin ke intezar
Aaja piya aai bahar
Ek do teen char panch chheh saat
Aath nau das gyarah baarah terah

There you go the musical way to learn 1 (ek) to 13 (Terah) – Ek, do, teen, char, panch, chheh, saat, Aath, nau, das, gyarah, baarah, terah.


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51 thoughts on “HINDI NUMBERS 1 TO 100 – learn the fun way”

    • I agree with you Elizabeth, knowing at least the basics of a foreign language gives confidence to us as travelers. As for Hindi, most of the children in the Hindi speaking belt of India (North of India) would know the Hindi numbers at least until 20 even before they start their formal education. They learn to write usually in school around after 5 years of age.

  1. I speak Hindi but can only count till 20, then numbers that are multiple of 10 or 5. But my excuse is that Hindi is not my mother tongue. I am laughing so hard at the EK do Teen song, this was pretty iconic when I wad gorwing up and still is. Naice.

  2. Hahaha such an interesting post. Hindi is such amazing language Glad I can speak in it But after 30 I speak numbers in English . The ekrasi bayasi eightees are totally tough ones. The song makes it easy to remember lol.

  3. That’s a fun and useful post if planning visit to India. It was very interesting to read about the Indian head-shake. I saw it so many times, but I never knew that it has such deep meaning. But in fact it is very accurate, as truly answers to various questions depend on many variables. Sometimes it’s yes, under other circumstances it is no 😊

  4. well that’s a relief that I don’t have to know the Hindi numbers, seeing it is kinda complicated and hard to write, not sure on how to pronounce either. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. This looks cool and interesting. I love counting in different languages. I could count in Spanish, English, Filipino and Visaya when I was 5 or 6 and continued to add another language as I get older. Haven’t thought of Hindi but this might be my new project lol

  6. This is really cool. I have never learned or known anything to do with Hindi but have a couple friends who have. It’s a great idea to learn other cultures, especially if visiting their country someday.

  7. Very interesting! I never knew how they wrote numbers in India. My friends visited India last year this would have been helpful for them.

  8. This one’s really interesting! I haven’t tried learning Hindi before, so this one opens up a new opportunity for me to learn a new language.. and I guess starting with numbers is a good idea!

  9. Music is truly the easiest way to learn another language, I believe. It’s why we use it to teach children, after all! Fun post, thanks for sharing!

  10. this is so cool – I have watched enough Hindi movies that I can count from 1-10 but at a loss with the others. I am definitely saving this one!

  11. I used to watch Bollywood as a child and we would copy the dances in the garden lol. Interesting to know a bit of Hindi numerals for the future.

  12. We think cultural tourism is the only correct way to go about a destination and posts like this, fun and educative, are exactly what everybody needs to prepare for their travels! Great idea!

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