Best way to travel from Delhi to Agra: Road, Rail or Air

Click to read how to reach from Delhi to Agra by road, air & list of best trains, travel tips for Taj mahal, Top Places to Visit beyond the Taj Mahal.

13 Genius Hacks for Surviving Delhi, India

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Wahkhen Trek Mawryngkhang

30 Breathtaking Tourist places in india you must Visit in 2019

Read about Breathtakingly Beautiful Tourist Places In India You Must Visit Before You Die. Right from awesome forts and temples, to stunning caves, mountains, deserts and islands.

Having Bhang in India: Call it a Crazy cultural drink or an exotic one! I have read many blog posts misleading the readers by calling bhang a weed. BHANG IS NOT WEED. To make Bhang thandai ground leaves of cannabis are mixed with milk and flavoured with kusha grass, dry fruits, sugar, and various spices. In Varanasi they sell it as “bhang thandai” and “bhang lassi”. In Bhang Lassi, milk is substituted with yoghurt! So here’s my dope on Bhang in general and having it in Varanasi in particular.

Bhang on! An Awesome Guide on having Bhang in India

What is that attracts Non Indians to India and specially Varanasi? Spiritual Quest? Curiosity about the sadhus? Or the Intoxicating Bhang? Read Everything you need to know about Exotic, Medicinal & Intoxicating Bhang, whether it is legal in India, where to buy, tips on drinking bhang, bhang recipe, bhang lassi, bhang thandai, benefits of bhang, side effects of bhang and even Bollywood songs on Bhang.

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