13 Best Markets For Shopping In Delhi: What To Buy & Where?

Enriched with ancient history, Delhi is home to the globally recognized monuments like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayun Tomb, India Gate, Akshardham Temple and more. Apart from being the capital of India, New Delhi is a sprawling metro city widely renowned for its fashion and food.

Having traveled to Delhi for work for more than a decade, I absolutely adore this place.

Even though the first impression of this city is a doubt, one will come to terms with it the minute they get comfortable going around the city.

I am going to list some of the best markets to shop for clothing, antiques, furniture, and accessories.

A trip to Delhi can never be completed without shopping or indulging in some tantalizingly delicious northern cuisine.

My personal favorite shopping place is Sarojini Nagar as I am more of a street shopper. This place offers branded clothing as well as locally designed clothes. Sarojini Nagar is basically a loot. The clothes are priced under INR 500 and there is no mark left for regret.

Let’s get started on the best markets of Delhi to shop till you drop.

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As I mentioned earlier, Sarojini Nagar, commonly known as SN is my most favorite place to shop, not only in Delhi but in India. I always bulk shop here and come home with goodies good for few months.

The last time I went there it was December and I had to travel to Jim Corbett for the weekend. I picked up hand gloves, socks, sweaters, leg warmers and boots. I literally bought everything from SN, right before catching my train to Jim Corbett.

The market is mostly visited by people looking for trendy clothes, shoes and jewellery at affordable prices. Primarily meant for girls, the shops also sell factory rejects. The youth and tourists’ horde this place and it tends to get crowded in noon hours.

Sarojini Nagar will never disappoint you. If you want to know what is in vogue, you must head straight to SN. The shopkeepers know a lot about fashion than you would think.

What should you buy in Sarojini Nagar?

Trendy clothes, designer clothing, ethnic clothing, fashion accessories, and shoes.

Location: Sarojini Nagar is in the Southwest district of Delhi. In metro terms, SN market falls on the pink line. If you are on the yellow line, you can hire a cab/auto from Rajiv Chowk and reach in 10-15 minutes.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 10 am – 09 pm except on Mondays

Food to Try: Aloo Tikki, Momos, Chuski (Ice-gola), Gol gappe.


Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and most sought-after markets of Delhi. The small alleyways are always packed with thousands of tourists from across the world who are there to absorb in the deep-rooted cultural values of India.

Chandni Chowk is not just a shopper’s paradise. It is home to the famous Red Fort & Jama Masjid. This bazaar also serves delectable assortment of famous foods from the capital. Tour organizers often host food walks and heritage walks for foreigners.

Divided into many other bazaars, Chandni Chowk houses fabric market, jewellery and wedding shops, spice market and electronics market.

I remember coming to Chandni Chowk to click pictures for my blog. Traveling in metro all the way from Karol Baug with my DSLR in place. Unfortunately, it was Sunday and all the shops were closed.

What should you buy at Chandni Chawk?

In the main bazaar, you will find an array of Indian wear and Sarees. This is the best place for wedding shopping too. The much-hyped designer label lehengas are sold at a very reasonable cost.

Electronics in Bhagirath Palace market. Spices in Khari Baoli market. Silver and jewellery at Dariba Kalan market and some tempting street food at Parathe wali gali.

Location: Old Delhi. You need to take metro for Chandni Chowk metro station. Or you can go to Old Delhi railway station and then hire a cab/auto.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 11.00 am – 09.30 pm

Food to Try: Parathas, Daulat ki Chaat, Bedmi Aloo, Masala Chai, Fruit chaat, Jalebi, Mutton Biryani.


Dilli Haat exhibits the craftsmanship of people from all corners of India. The place’s ambiance is rural yet contemporary. This place is a treasure house for Indian handmade clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

People coming from varied backgrounds display an array of handloom and handicrafts from their region. They bring along the regional food items as well. You must try the different authentic food they offer.

When I was at Dilli Haat, all I did was eat lots of chicken momos and chaat. I bought a pair of jootis and some necklaces. They are priced on the higher side. You must take into consideration the time and efforts these sellers put to create these products.

You can bargain at some shops and get the best price. Sometimes the shopkeepers can be pushy too if you show too much interest in a item.

What should you buy in Dilli Haat?

Handicrafts, Jewels, Gems, Jootis (Ethnic Sandals), Earrings. All items sold here are handmade and that is the reason, some shopkeepers will not bargain.

Location: Dilli Haat is in South Delhi, opposite to the INA market.

Falls on Yellow line and the nearest metro station is INA. This station is also an interchange between pink and yellow line.

If coming from airport, you can hire a cab. It would take around 45 mins.

Entry Fees: Indian Nationals – Rs. 30 Adults / Rs. 10 Children
Foreigners – Rs. 100

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10.00 pm

Food to Try: Authentic food from all over India – Galouti Kebab from UP, Rajasthani Kachori, Beef/Lamb Momos from Nagaland, Bihari Dal Pitha, Sikkims famous fried Momos and noodles.


The famous U-shaped market that’s favorite among the A-class. Khan market has branded outlets for clothing, books, optics, and even medicines. Bargain hunters will be disappointed here.

The place is never overcrowded which makes your shopping experience peaceful. Indian brands like Fab India, Good Earth, Ensemble; shoe brands Foot Loose, Inc 5, Mochi; Ayurvedic shops like Kama Ayurveda, Biotique, Forest Essentials; book stores like Bahrisons, Faqir Chand, Mascot and Juggernaut, all these under one roof

Khan market is most celebrated for the trendy cafes and lounges along with the shopping. Khan Chacha’s famous Chicken Tikka roll are to die for. So, while you are here, you cannot miss visiting Khan Chacha’s stall.

After a tiring day of shopping and stuffing yourself, you can relax in one of the spa parlors.

What should you buy at Khan Market?

Indian wear, Books, Ayurveda Cosmetics, Optics, Branded Clothing, Furniture

Location: Khan Market is in South Delhi, close to India Gate. If taking the metro from the yellow line, change train at Central Secretariat and take the violet line for Khan Market.

You can hire a cab/auto from Rajiv Chowk metro station or Connaught Place.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 10.00 am -11.00 pm except on Sundays

Food to Try: Khan Chachas kebabs and rolls, Soda Bottle Opener walas Parsi food, Breakfast at Café Turtle, Salads at La Vie Pizzeria, Beer and Nachos at Beer café.


Yet another market to use your bargaining skills to get a decent price. Janpath market has been in Delhi for decades and has been recently given a makeover. It has made its comeback with incredible elegance and wide-ranging options.

Every time I go to Delhi, I go to Janpath to restock my scarves, trinkets and bracelets, and a lot of boho clothing. The market has Tibetan market, Gujarati market and the main market.

The Tibetan market has varied options where you can buy from precious stones, gems or silver jewellery. Painted Indian artefacts, handicrafts, shoes and paintings

The Gujarat market will add layers of color to your wardrobe with their handmade and embroidered clothing. Kurtas, salwars, bed sheets, clutches and bags are all embellished with small ornaments. You can buy a lot of junk jewellery starting at Rs.150 onwards.

The main market basically sells everything from handicrafts to paintings, clothing, shoes and leather bags.

What should you buy at the Khan Market?

Pashmina shawls, scarves, embroidered clothing, leather bags. You can also buy souvenirs, Tibetan jewellery, Lucknowi chikankari clothing and incense.

Location: Opposite to Connaught Place. Janpath market is in the heart of the city. If you are on blue or yellow line on the metro, get down at Rajiv Chowk station. Hire a cab/auto from there to reach Janpath

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 8.00 am – 10.00 pm Everyday

Food to Try: Bhogal Chhole Bhature wala is renowned globally for his chhole bhature and you must try it when there. Other street food options are Haldirams (everything is delicious here), chaat, kulchas, and lots of desserts.


I have been writing about shopping markets for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Next market on my list is an antique one. Banjara market is a heaven for colorful home décor.

If you have ever been to a local’s house in Delhi, you will notice how their homes are decorated with unique paintings, rugs, wall art and antique furniture. Reason; the quirky home décor market.

The market holds a diverse range of wooden showpieces, antiques, clocks, cabinets and much more. Banjara market emphasizes on décor items for every nook and corner of the house. Be it your bedroom, kitchen, living room or terrace garden, it has it all.

Most of the items sold here are export rejects. Though the defects are minor, you must be careful while picking stuff. Don’t feel shy to bargain here even at low prices.

What should you buy at the Banjara market?

A lot of home décor; pottery, metal human and animal figures, vintage cabinets, ornate mirrors, wooden frames, paintings.

Location: Sector 56, Gurugram. Take the Yellow line on metro and get down at Huda City Center. Hire a cab/auto to Sector 56 Banjara market.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 6.00 am – 10.30 pm. Everyday.

Food to Try: There are restaurants at walking distance from the market. Chicken tandoori, momos, pizza, chaat and sweets; everything is available here. Non-vegetarian lovers must visit Purani Delhi Express to enjoy lip-smacking chicken dishes.

If you love slow travel, try your hands at Travel Sketching, Painting, even Yoga. The following 3 posts will keep you creative in your Sojourn.

MATKA MARKET (Gali Matkewali)

Matka market can be easily translated to pottery barn. A lane of just pottery by the potters who live right here, is what matka market is about. The market is in South Delhi.

A lot of home décor can be bought from here. Earthen pots, hanging pots, ceramic chimes, idols of gods and goddesses, vases, balcony décor, and more items are on display. I have been to this market and I bought a huge frame with compartments for tiny pots to hang in my balcony.

Beautiful pots in the shape of traditional jutis (indian sandals) or shoes and a wide variety of clay diyas with beautiful colors look astonishing. You can buy lanterns in wholesale ahead of any festival for a very good price.

Matka market is crowded during festivals and stays open till wee hours in the morning. The best part about this market is that there are hundreds of sellers and every stall has unique items to offer.

What should you buy at the Matka Market?

Clay diyas/lanterns, colorful pots, hanging pots, gardening essentials, home décor.

Quick Tip: Get personalised designs for pots, diyas or lanterns from the shopkeepers.

Location: Near Sarojini Nagar bus depot. Hire a cab/auto from Rajiv Chowk metro station and reach in 10-15 minutes.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 9.00 pm Everyday

Food to Try: Aloo-tikki, Momos, Chuski (Ice-gola), Gol gappe.


The oldest and chaotic market of Paharganj is still favorite among the locals and loyal. Paharganj market can be challenging as this place is always crowded because of the inexpensive goods it offers.

Unlike other crowded markets with stalls, this market has shops. Footwear, fragrance, junk jewellery, bags, fashion and books; you get everything here. Some shops also deal in wholesale. For people looking to export items to other countries, the shopkeepers will be more than happy to help and bargain.

The difference between this market and other markets is that here you will find unique items and new arrivals at a reasonable price. Other markets will not bargain much on the new arrivals. My sister brought me a funky trekking bag which I could not find anywhere else. I also got asked about the bag from many of my friends.

I personally love this market because of all the bookstores that sell second hand books and new books at same rate.

What should you buy at Padharganj?

Boho clothing, shoes, jewellery, books, hookahs, incense, handicrafts.

Quick Tip: You can rent bridalwear and wedding dresses.

Hire a cab/auto from Connaught Place and reach in 10 minutes.

Entry Fees:

Opening Hours:
11.00 am – 09.00 pm except on Mondays.

Food to Try: Chinese, Rajma chawal, Haldiram sweets, aloo-tikki, chaat.


The Sunday book bazar is a market that has thousands of books queued on pavements and that is no exaggeration. You will be surprised to see the number of books for sale. Fiction, non-fiction, self-help, sci-fi, travel guides and even coffee-table books can be found here.

Heaven on earth for all the bibliophiles is this beautiful Sunday market of books. If you get lucky, you may find a first edition copy or an author signed copy of your favorite book.

Like the name suggests, this market is only opened on Sundays, which is a good thing because Sunday book bazar falls in Chandni Chowk; and Chandni chowk is closed on Sundays.

First things first; you need to carry bags as some shopkeepers won’t have any. It gets hot in summers so it’s good to keep a bottle of water and since you are going to be hopping stalls and checking out many books, you want to keep a hand sanitizer with you.

What should you buy at Sunday Book Bazar?

Books, books and more books.

Location: Old Delhi. You need to take metro for Chandni Chowk metro station. Or you can go to Old Delhi railway station and then hire a cab/auto.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 09.00 am – 09.00 pm Only Sundays

Food to Try: Famous restaurants like Moti Mahal and Kareems are nearby. Try the chicken tandoori and mutton paratha here.


The famous infamous market of Karol Bagh is Asia’s biggest electronics market. Gaffar market is also known as Karol Bagh market. Do you have a crack on your phone? Do you need a mount to fix your TV? Can’t afford the latest play station dvd? Fan of loud music and need good speakers?? This place is all you need to get anything you want for very low price.

Well, as much as this place is electronics galore, a word of caution would be unoriginal. The market is acclaimed for using second-hand parts to fix your favorite gadget. It doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to buy from here.

The original parts of many products come at an exorbitant price. So, if you want to get your gadget fixed at a cheaper cost, this place is it. The market is further known for unlocking phones; especially the ones coming from abroad.

Ladies, don’t be disappointed because the market also offers clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Gaffar market has hundreds of phone accessories to make your phone look pretty; like phone covers, popsocket, laptop cases, customized covers, cases and much more.

Last but not least, Gaffar market has the best food stalls in Delhi. Every time I visit here, I make sure to eat Aloo-tikki, rajma-chawal, Haldirams Gajar ka halwa, gol-gappe, aloo paratha with curd and corn cobs.

What should you buy at the Gaffar Market?

Electronics, mobile phones, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, play stations and x-box, loud speakers. Fix any inoperable or malfunctioning gadget.

Phone covers, laptop cases, phone accessories.

Location: Karol Bagh. Located 5 minutes away from the Karol Bagh metro station. Take the blue line to get down here and walk 1 km to reach Gaffar market.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 09.30 pm except on Mondays

Food to Try: Aloo-tikki, rajma-chawal, Haldirams gajar ka halwa, gol-gappe, aloo paratha.


One of the busiest markets in North Delhi, Kamla Nagar market is a popular hangout and shopping place for youth as it is located near North campus of Delhi University, and Hans Raj college.

The college-goers friendly market offers a whole new world of accessories for girls. Bangles, danglers, rings, jhumkis, hand-woven bags, clutches and so much more. You can update your wardrobe every month with the inexpensive shopping you can do from Kamla Nagar.

The reason this market is popular is because of it’s cool and trendy fashion for both girls and guys. Rings here cost Rs. 10, earrings from Rs. 10 – Rs. 50, clothing starting at Rs. 150 and ethnic footwear (kolhapuris) for Rs. 300.

Lined with brands like Adidas, Puma, Spykar, U.S. Polo, Vans and many non-branded shops, the market offers everything from casual wear, formal wear, party wear and Indian wear, Kamla Nagar has everything a shopper needs.

What should you buy at the Kamla Nagar Market?

Latest trend clothing for men/women, lots of accessories, footwear, necklaces, bags.

Location: North Delhi. If taking the metro, take the red line and get down at Pul Bangash which is 3 kms from this metro station.

Entry Fees:

Opening Hours:
11:00 AM – 08:00 PM except on Mondays.

Food to Try: Many cafés are lined up around the market and the best ones to try are Phirangi café for pastas and pizza, Bercos noodles and momos, Dolma auntys momos, mouthwatering kebabs at Tikka junction and mojitos and coolers at Bistro 57.


Sadar bazar is a wholesale market for household items. One of the markets that witness tourists as well as locals because of its location. Falling on the west of Chandni Chowk and just 10 mins from Red Fort, Sadar Bazar is preferred market among the tourists.

Every household need such as storage boxes, plastic basics, washing powder to washing sponge and anything that you need from day to day life will be met here. Items like bed sheets, pillows, lamps, bulbs all come at a wholesale price.

It is also near the famous spice market Khari Baoli that attracts a lot of foreigners who come there for tour walks. The market sells authentic Indian spices in wholesale and is among Asia’s largest spice market.

All kind of dry fruits such as California almonds, cashews, Qatar sultanas, and more are sold here. Refined, local and exotic and spices like cinnamon, turmeric, anise seeds, cumin seeds etc. predominate this market.

People tend to buy rice and lentils in quintals from here as, in India, it is kind of customary to buy these items for whole year than buying it in instalments.

What should you buy at Sadar Bazar and Khari Baoli?

Restock grocery needs, lot of spices and dry fruits and day-to-day household items.

Location: Old Delhi. The closest metro station is Chandni Chowk. It is also closer from old Delhi railway station.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 11.30 am – 06.00 pm except on Sundays for both markets.

Food to Try: Parathas, Daulat ki Chaat, Bedmi Aloo, Masala Chai, Fruit chaat, Jalebi, Mutton Biryani.


The last but not miss able market on my list is the specialized market of brass and copper items. Jewellery boxes, copper vases and pots, idols of gods and goddesses, Buddha statues, oils lamps and lanterns are sold here.

Yet another reason that Chawri bazar is famous for, is its paper-made commodities. Right from wedding cards to business cards, from greeting cards to wallpapers for your room; they have every paper need at your service.

The card business first started in Chawri bazar in the 70s and is here to stay. The market is always busy with laborers from nearby grocery market, hand-pulled rickshaws and lot of shoppers and tourists.

What should you buy at Chawri Bazar?

Wedding cards, business cards and wallpapers. Home décor like lamps and lanterns made of brass. Copper statues and vases.

Location: Nearest railway station is Old Delhi Railway station. Nearest metro station is Chawri Bazar.

Entry Fees: Free

Opening Hours: 11.30 am – 06.00 pm except on Sundays

Food to Try: Famous Jung Bahadurs kachori, Chaat, Sindhi Aloo poori, Rabri falooda, Bedmi poori, Dahi bhalle, the very famous Jalebi from Jalebiwala.

Are these Delhi Markets wheelchair accessible???

All these markets mostly form street shopping and have stalls on pavements, which makes them wheelchair accessible. However, the markets tend to get overcrowded and becomes unsafe for easy accessibility.

Are there any Toilets in these Delhi Markets???

Mostly no. Few markets like Sarojini Nagar & Dilli Haat have toilet facilities. But through my personal experience, they are dirty and unhygienic, I can’t set a foot in those places.

The best option would be to use the nearest restaurant to use washrooms. Any restaurant in Delhi cannot refuse the use of washrooms to ladies and children. You don’t have to buy anything to use the washrooms.

Next best option could be using the toilet facilities at metro stations.

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What is the best time to visit Delhi?

Delhi has the best winters in India. From October to March, the weather conditions are best suited for shopping and exploring the capital of India.

Also, the list of food items you can try during winter is very long. Summers are scorching hot, making your shopping experience a little too hectic and tiring.

Is Delhi safe for tourists?

The most common question from people coming to Delhi for the first time or for the fifth time – is Delhi safe? Delhi is a beautiful city with very friendly people. Some areas are dominated by migrants from small cities who come here to meet economic opportunities. Pickpocketing, petty crimes in crowded areas are common, like in any other city. It is better to be safe by taking basic precautions.

Is Delhi safe for women??

Feeling unsafe when traveling solo is common. The best thing for women who feel unsafe in Delhi, whether alone or not, is to stay in crowd.

Follow simple steps like;

  • Don’t get overfriendly with men.
  • Don’t get too polite as that is perceived as being an easy target.
  • Use public transport and try to stay around a group of people.
  • If possible, don’t travel alone at night. If you have to travel at night alone, I would advise you to note the cab/auto number and talk to a friend/relative on phone throughout the journey.

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