The Dummies’ Guide to Indian Street Food

All you need is Healthy Food. But a little street food now and then doesn’t hurt.

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Bhel Puri

Cooking well does not mean cooking fancy!

Bhelpuri is a savoury snack, made of puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce.

It is popular in Indian states like Region or state: Maharashtra, Nepal, Gujarat, Odisha, Kolkata, West Bengal, Mysore and Karnataka.

Egg Roll

Egg rolled inside a crispy Maida Roti.

I love the sizzling ball of Gold!!

Ram Laddoo

Let the name laddoo not misguide you. These delicious balls called Ram Ladoos are savoury Lentil fritters.

The crispy and crunchy ram laddoos are served with Green chutney.

Indian street food is exciting and mouthwatering!

There are dozens of Indian street foods you can eat when you’re in Mumbai, there are delicious looking delicacies everywhere you look in the city.

In this video by Mark Wiens you’ll discover a top 10 list of a few of the best Indian street food dishes that you don’t want to miss when you’re in Mumbai.

Tandoori Momos

Sweets by the road side!

The yummy gulabjamuns!

Gajar Ka Halwa and Masala Milk.

Roasted sweet potatoes

Video on Indian Street Food – 10 of the BEST Foods To Eat in Mumbai, India!

Indian street food in Mumbai is exciting and mouthwatering! In this video by Mark Wiensyou’ll discover a top 10 list of a few of the best Indian street food dishes that you don’t want to miss

All-time favorite Indian street food of Indian Bloggers!

I asked few other bloggers which was their favorite Indian Street Food and here is what they said:

Misal Pav at Khao Galli (Treat Street) Colaba

Jyoti from That Mumbai Girl says –

Misal Pav at Khao Galli (Treat Street) Colaba is my favorite street food as it brings the best of Maharashtrian food.

Misal Pav is considered to be healthy food as it is made of moth beans. A layer of “farsan” (salty appetizers) is put over the cooked moth beans and is garnished with coriander leaves & lemon.

There are red and green chutneys mixed in it.

You eat it with a buttered Pav (bun).

This dish is also amongst one of the spicy ones. The taste of Misal pav is zesty.

I have relished the taste of this dish since childhood and even today I can’t resist the aroma that fills up my senses.

fried purple yam & Thandai

Neha From Travel Melodies Says –

I had visited the famous Nathdwara in Rajasthan. Nathdwara is considered an important pilgrimage centre by the devotees of Lord krishna.

In this religious place where there is Shrinathji Temple, I was pleasantly surprised to see the streets bustling with bursting with colorful wonders to satisfy one’s palate.

There was fried purple yam on one side and cream color Thandai on the other.

Purple yam also called ‘Kand’ in Hindi is popular in this area and is cooked as a snack or main dish.

This simple fried yam sprinkled with some salt and spices is very delectable. To be honest, I resisted eating it first, but after tasting it I couldn’t stop myself gorging on it.

The other thing we couldn’t miss trying was freshly made Thandai.

Thandai is an Indian cold drink made mainly with milk, almonds, sugar, fennel seeds, cardamom, rose petals, watermelon kernels, and saffron.

I was fascinated by the person grinding all the dry ingredients on a grindstone and then mixing the paste with the milk.

Thandai was perfectly made to quench your thirst and energize you on a hot day.

So what are you waiting for?? Start planning for this spiritual and gastronomic journey.”

My tip to eat street food would be to only eat from the place where most of the people are eating because chances of having stale food would be minimal and of course it would be yummy as well.


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