When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?


Planning a vacation trip to Dubai? Dubai is synonymus to a world of sun, sand, beach, and shopping. Dubai has a number of delights to offer, but they’re better appreciated when the weather is fine. You want warm sun, and cool winds and a relatively cool temperature.

So, when is the best time to visit Dubai? November through April is the best time to visit Dubai as you will get perfect beach weather, with warm waters and cool breezes. The weather will be salubrious, with highs of 27 degrees Celsius, and lows of 13 degree Celsius.

According to me the best time to visit Dubai would be when the weather is pleasant enough and the crowds are few.

Ideally, this would be between mid-November and early December. You’ll get the same conditions during the first half of March as well.


There is, of course, much more than what I have just mentioned above.

In Dubai, there’s a season for everything. There’s a season for beach-bumming, there’s a season for shopping, there’s a season for prayers and there’s a season for sightseeing. Let’s explore what would be the best time for You to visit Dubai.

Best Time to Travel to Dubai – The High Travel Season

The High Travel Season is from November through April when the weather is pleasant.

This season corresponds to late autumn through early spring, when the rains have been and gone.

This is the season when hotels and Dubai restaurants charge their highest and the crowds are at their peak.

What to see in Dubai during the Peak Season? The sky’s the limit for you when it comes to Dubai attractions during the peak season. Every attraction will be open, welcoming visitors.


The weather, though, will be beautiful – perfect beach weather, with warm waters and cool breezes.

If you are into picnics and beach lounging, desert safaris and boardwalks, this is the weather for you.

The weather will be salubrious, with highs of 27 degrees Celsius, and lows of 13 degree Celsius.

Even if you are from cold climes, you’ll be able to adapt to these weather conditions and enjoy Dubai’s attractions with enthusiasm.

Be warned, it being the peak season, there would be long queues everywhere. It’s best to book your tickets online and in advance if you want to sightsee. Even with this constraint, the city’s vibrancy, its aliveness, its sheer energy during peak tourist season will wow you over.

Second-best Time for Travel – The in-between Travel Season

The Months ofMay, September and October are considered the Shoulder Season in travel terms.

This is because even though these months will be hot – with temperatures ranging from 23 to 36 degrees Celsius, they won’t be nearly as hot as during peak summer, which is in July and August.

If you love to swim in the ocean, know that sea temperatures will be around 28°C – quite pleasant.

Also, not many people travel to Dubai during the shoulder season, so you won’t have to battle the crowds to enjoy it. Hotels will charge just as much as during the peak travel season, but you will get better bargains.

By September and October, it’s still pleasant enough to be able to enjoy outdoor experiences.

Many restaurants in Dubai offer al fresco dining, which is not a good idea during the summer months. However, during this season, since temperatures will hover around 29°C, it is possible to enjoy al fresco dining and enjoy the mind-blowing vista of Dubai.

There are many al-fresco restaurants along the Dubai Marina, which is one of the top sightseeing spots in Dubai.

This season, though second-best, is still far superior a time to visit Dubai. You can enjoy your time in relative comfort, without sweating bullets and constantly wetting your head to beat the heat.

Optional Time for Travel – The Low Travel Season

From June till August, the barometer starts to climb, and the humidity levels go through the roof. These two months are downright scorching. They verge on the unbearable, with temperatures hitting the high 40s when they hit their peak.

If you are willing to travel during this period, you’ll find hotels and attractions slashing their rates and offering special deals.

Of course, most of your time will be spent rushing from one air-conditioned building to the other. The sands on the beach will be boiling under your feet, and the water will be hot too, unless you head out during the early hours of the morning.

Still, this season is not as bad as true summer – when the barometer hits 40 degree Celsius and keeps rising on some days.

You’ll still want to keep well hydrated, and ensure you’re wearing comfortable, loose cotton clothing and keep your head covered at all times.

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The Best Time for Sightseeing – Before the Crowds Season

If you’re in Dubai for sightseeing, then the best time to visit Dubai would be when the weather is pleasant enough and the crowds are few.

Ideally, this would be between mid-November and early December. You’ll get the same conditions during the first half of March as well.

While December through February is definitely the ‘cool’ season, it is also the high season. Lines tend to be very long and you’ll have to deal with thick crowds, especially in January and early February, owing to the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Summer is awful for sightseeing, because July and August burn hot and you’ll be sweating lots. There are so many sightseeing options in Dubai that you don’t need to wonder where to go in Dubai during this season.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden: For example, the Dubai Miracle Garden will be a-bloom with a million exotic flowers during this season. During the winter season and the in-between season you can truly enjoy these incredible gardens.
  • In fact, one of the Dubai miracle garden facts is that the gardens are closed during the peak summer.
  • The Burj Khalifa: Keen on visiting Dubai for a go at the Burj Khalifa? If what you want is the “At The Top,” experience, the most pleasurable time would be the winter months.
  • If you want to avoid crowds though, avoid visiting during winter months. The lines can be very long during winter, especially just before sunset. If you visit the Burj Khalifa during the summer months you can avoid the huge lines and crowds.
  • The Burj Khalifa is fully air-conditioned and it won’t be a problem to visit during peak summer. If you visit the Burj Khalifa during winter, and you plan on catching the sunset, book your tickets weeks in advance and stand in the line at least an hour before sunset.
  • Dubai Creek: The Dubai Creek, of course, is an open saltwater creek. During summer, it will be too hot to really enjoy a cruise on the Dubai Creek, though there’ll be some bit of a sea breeze to help out. It’s best to visit the Dubai Creek during the prime sightseeing season in order to enjoy more salubrious conditions.
  • On either side of the Dubai Creek, you’ll find the Deira Village and the Bur Dubai Village. There are spice and gold souqs in Bur Dubai, and spice, gold and textile souqs in Deira.
  • One of the most compelling aspects of Dubai comes from these two souqs and how faithfully the environment emulates that of the old Arabian markets.
  • Dubai Waterparks: Whether you visit Dubai in summer or winter, you’ll always welcome one element – water.
  • Freshwater is rare in the desert, and that makes the huge volumes of water used in Aquaventure, LEGOLAND Waterpark, Laguna Waterpark, and Wild Wadi Waterpark all the more precious.
  • Indulge yourself in every possible thrilling ride plus all the lazy river rides you can stomach.
  • Dubai Theme Parks: Dubai’s biggest draw, other than the Burj Khalifa and major landmarks, are its incredible theme parks. Outdoor theme parks such as Motiongate, LEGOLAND, Bollywood Parks and others can be enjoyed best during the cooler season.
  • However, indoor theme parks such as IMG Worlds of Adventure, VR Park Dubai and others can be enjoyed in any season.
  • The Burj al Arab: The Burj al Arab is a triumph of innovative design and execution. If getting an eyeful of the Burj al Arab from the Souq Madinat or the Jumeirah Beach is not enough for you, you must book a meal or high tea in one of the 7-Star hotel’s restaurants or cafes.
  • That’s the only way you can enter the hotel, other than being its guest. You’ll greatly enjoy the luxurious, royally-appointed lobby with its incredible aquarium and gold accents.
  • If you love the color, shine, and glamour of 24-carat gold, then you must make a date with the glittery Burj al Arab.

Ramadan Season – Best to Avoid Travel

Sometime between May and June is the Holy Month of Ramadan. For a full 30 days, Dubai goes into shutdown mode, when people fast during the day, and partake of meagre meals before sunrise and after sunset.

if you’re not fasting, you better be careful not to eat, smoke or drink in public. Restrain all such activities to your hotel room. Don’t even chew gum while in public.

During the day, you’ll find that many restaurants and cafes actually shut down to facilitate Ramadan timings. There are hotels and restaurants that offer meals during the day, but this is usually done in secret and you’ll have to know where.

So, unless you’re in Dubai for a festival or cultural study, best avoid the city during Ramadan.

Best Time for Shopping in Dubai

If you’re visiting Dubai to shop, and you’re ready to brave the crowds, you’ll enjoy this shopper’s paradise best in January.

That’s when the Dubai Shopping Festival is held and you can leverage great discounts – as much as 75%. There’ll be discounts on a wide range of goods, including jewellery, electronics, cars, fashion and more. Every outlet mall will mark down their discounted items further.

Summertime is also great for shopping in Dubai, since that’s when the Dubai Summer Surprises is held. This is when almost all retailers offer special discounts and promotions starting mid-July for a period of 45 days.

Best Time to Leverage Cheap Hotel Rates

During summer, you’ll find that Dubai offers the best accommodation rates ever.

You’ll be able to get prime suites at top 5-Star hotels for the amount you’ll be paying for a mid-range hotel.

The temperatures will be sizzling outside but you can enjoy royal accommodations and service.

Most hotels offer excellent deals and enhanced services to attract more visitors to Dubai during the summer.

You can even leverage free meals at onsite restaurants where you stay.


Best Time to Hit the Beaches

If you don’t mind braving the sun, you can head to Dubai beaches all around the year.

During the winter months, the water’s temperature drops down several degrees below land temperatures. If you like warm waters, you might find that the waters are too chilly for your liking.

During summer, though, the waters are warm, almost hot, and you can enjoy swimming in the Arabian Sea to your heart’s content. You can work on your tan under a shade, providing you like on a cool, water-filled beach bed.

If you don’t like peak summer, then the best time to enjoy Dubai’s beaches will be during April or May, when the sea is a very toasty and warm 25°C to 28°C.

No matter which season or during what time you travel to Dubai, you’ll find things to do. Indoor attractions are fully air-conditioned and are perfect to visit any time of the year and so budget travelers can travel during summer to take advantage of the reduced rates, discounts, and special offers.

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