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Covid 19 has changed many things for us including the way we celebrate. The festive season is almost here, beginning with Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi.

Travelling and meeting people living away from you is not the normal thing any more. The new normal is all about doing things online, be it staying in touch through video calls or getting your rakhi and gifts delivered. 

The relationship between siblings can truly be called a ‘love-hate’ relationship. At least mine has been like that. It is as difficult to live with them as it is to live without them. There are many occasions that celebrate this bond and remind us of the old memories shared since childhood.

When the bond is so special, the gifts exchanged should be special too. Nothing makes one more happy than receiving a well-thought out and useful gift. So, this time, forget about all the usual gift stuff that you have in your mind because I am going to share some ridiculously useful gift ideas with you.

Why not make these special occasions more memorable with these useful and unique gifts?

Skincare Kit for the Skincare Lover

Everyone deserves to feel and look good. Gone are the days when only women bothered about skincare and beauty. Men are also very much interested in grooming products. Why not surprise  your brother with this skincare kit?

This charcoal facial care pack containing face wash, scrub and moisturiser is best for the brother conscious about grooming or for the one who needs to be introduced to skincare.

Finding the perfect gift for men is no easy task. Click here to read reviews on amazon about the product.

A Complete Shaving Kit to make his everyday smooth

Shaving is a part of daily routine for most men. Make things easier for your brother and surprise him with this complete Shaving Kit that comes with razor, blades, shaving brush, pre-shave scrub, shaving cream and post-shave balm.

Try the Bombay Shaving Company Complete Shaving Kit (Razor, Blades, Shaving Brush, Scrub, Cream, Balm) with Free Towel and Protection Cover. Check out review on amazon.

Neck Fan for the Jogger

For the health conscious ones who love jogging despite the hot weather, this neck fan is the best thing to give.

This flexible, portable and chargeable fan is worn around the neck and helps in keeping you cool despite the heat and sweat. Also works great when you are working in the kitchen or travelling.

If you would like to read more about Blessbe Neckband Fan features then click here.

Desk Storage Box for the messy one

Many of us work from home or have a corner at home that serves as a workplace. Since Covid 2019, working and studying from home has become a common thing for a lot of people but keeping your home office or desk organised all the time is somewhat a huge task.

This desk storage box with six compartments is helpful in keeping the desk tidy and well organised. Losing small stationary items like pins and clips won’t worry you anymore.

Gift this to your brother who is a cleanliness freak or the one who needs to keep his desk clean.

Convertible Bag for the Office Worker

Have you ever been in trouble at work because you forgot something important in your travel bag which is at home?

This has happened to me once.

It seems like a huge task to keep changing bags for the office and travelling. Why not gift your brother this convertible bag that can work as an office bag, laptop bag and backpack as well.

Lightweight design, spacious compartments and multi-functionality make it a great choice as a useful gift item.

IF you want to read more about the 15.6 inch Convertible Messenger bag with Genuine Leather Logo, Pullers & Handle CLICK HERE.

Key Finder

Almost everyone of us has wasted time in looking for the keys or other such small but important items. Forgetting where we placed them is very common as we do such tasks absent mindlessly.

Key finder or item tracker is here to your rescue.

It can help you find keys, remote and other such often misplaced items easily. It can locate items up to a distance of 30 metres. No more wastage of time in looking for these.

Adjustable Phone holder for the content creator

Zoom meetings, online workshops, video calls etc have become an indispensable part of our work culture now.

Don’t let that person shy away from shining bright and choose this adjustable Phone holder with ring light. This Lightweight, sturdy and flexible phone holder serves more than one purpose. It can be used for recording your videos, live streaming, for video calls and also as a table lamp.

It is USB powered and can be rotated 360 degrees as required. Trust me, he is going to love it!

Portable Coffee maker for the Coffee-Obsessed 

A good cup of coffee can make everything better but not every coffee tastes the way you like it. For men who can’t start their day without their daily dose of caffeine, this is a must! A cup that can be easily carried to work and while traveling.

It keeps your coffee hot for up to 6 hours. Good for both hot and cold beverages, it retains the original flavour of the coffee.

Pack of Harry Potter Notebooks for the Harry Potter Fan

All the geeks and nerds love Harry Potter stuff. If your brother is or has been one of those then this pack of 6 Harry Potter Notebooks is the perfect gift for him.

A beautiful reminder that you remember things he loved during teenage or still does.

Tie Hanger for the Meticulous one

What do you gift a man who is always flawlessly dressed? A Tie hanger that can hold 24 ties and keep them all visible in the wardrobe!

It would make organising ties a lot easier and keeping them crease free. Made of premium quality wood and metal, this hanger has a smooth finish and looks good too.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for the one who loves music

Earphones are always a hassle to carry due to the wires that keep entangling with other things. Help your brother upgrade to these wireless bluetooth earbuds that are easy to use and store.

HD stereo sound, 4 hours playtime, portable charging case, ultra lightweight and small design, what more can you expect from the earbuds?

Whiskey Glasses for the one who loves to play the host

A plain set of glasses in the in-house bar doesn’t fit a person with a unique personality. Check out this quirky set of Whiskey Glasses for the one who has a different taste.

Interesting words on the glasses would definitely bring a smile on his face whenever these are put in use.

Set of Framed wall paintings for the Foodie

A true foodie loves nothing else more than the food! So, whether he has moved to a new place or needs something to decorate that empty wall in his house, this set of framed wall paintings is the best gift.

This premium quality set of 8 framed paintings comes with mount hooks which makes them ready to hang.

Set of framed wall paintings for the Traveler

What does a traveler love to do when not traveling?

To think about traveling, of course! This set of 8 framed paintings that inspire travel is going to make him ecstatic. Make sure to see the happiness on his face when he opens this gift from you.

Click on the image below to explore more on Amazon.

Handheld Mini Vacuum cleaner for the Cleanliness Freak

This portable mini vacuum cleaner works like magic to clean up tiny bits here and there like pets’ hair, food crumbs etc. No more dirty keyboard or desktop. Help his table be squeaky clean and choose this as a gift for the upcoming special occasion.

Journal for your Favourite Nerd

Journaling is something that helps in self-reflection, planning and achieving life-goals. It puts one’s thoughts out on paper and provides the clarity needed to fulfill one’s dreams. This Journal would help in creating a 5 year plan to reach where you want to be in the next 5 years.

Designed like a workbook, it gives you a lot to think about and write. You don’t need to look any further for that perfect gift!

Whether it's cool new tech or a serious wardrobe upgrade, here are the 16 best presents that all cool, stylish brothers will get a kick out of, making you sibling of the year #lighttravelaction #rakhi #rakhigifts #giftsforrakhi #rakhigiftidea #rakhigiftforbrother #giftideasforbrother #bhaidooj #bhaidoojgifts #giftsforbrother #indiaonlinegiftsforbrother
Whether it's cool new tech or a serious wardrobe upgrade, here are the 16 best presents that all cool, stylish brothers will get a kick out of, making you sibling of the year #lighttravelaction #rakhi #rakhigifts #giftsforrakhi #rakhigiftidea #rakhigiftforbrother #giftideasforbrother #bhaidooj #bhaidoojgifts #giftsforbrother #indiaonlinegiftsforbrother
Whether it's cool new tech or a serious wardrobe upgrade, here are the 16 best presents that all cool, stylish brothers will get a kick out of, making you sibling of the year #lighttravelaction #rakhi #rakhigifts #giftsforrakhi #rakhigiftidea #rakhigiftforbrother #giftideasforbrother #bhaidooj #bhaidoojgifts #giftsforbrother #indiaonlinegiftsforbrother

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