Who Are We?



If there is such a word, then there is Great news too!

I have a whole library of resources waiting for you to explore – consider it your personal travel-fuel bookshelf.

Grab a coffee and settle in with a good read.


Whatever web browsing and skimming brought you to Light Travel Action, we are glad you are here and we hope through our experience we are able to inspire you so that you can travel lighter, smarter and more.

Doodle of our wanderlust journey


How are we different?

Who says that you have to be rich and single to enjoy traveling?

As far as anyone knows we are a normal family!

This website is about showing you what it’s really like to travel with children with our tested tips and tricks to help you plan your next destination.

Our experiences might not amount to much but they are personal lessons we have learned through our travels and we hope they inspire and help You.

How it all began?

With my sister and I on a two-wheeler (You can do that in India!!) or Sleeping in a Dharamshala or going on budget treks, my parents had perfected the art of traveling and adventuring on a shoestring budget.

Doodle of our wanderlust journey

Every summer holiday we were heading to somewhere exciting!

Having inherited the travel streak from my parents I was lucky that my life partner shared my passion for travel. Doodle of our wanderlust journey

Together for fourteen years, Hubby dear and I are closer and more in love than ever.


We have traveled as a family and we have individually been on solo trips as well!


Together we’ve collaborated and created two children.


Our daughter never meets a stranger and will talk to anyone who is ready to listen and our witty son is hoping for warp technology to develop soon so that he can reach mountains without mountain sickness.

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